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Salam readers :) Ok so i am already in my 3rd week of my total 29 weeks holiday.. And there's not been much productivity..

My usual routine is wake up in the morning, drive my bros to school, eat, watch tv/online until i'm tired, then sleep. This routine is 100% non-productive. Don't do this at home.

Some days like last week has been a little productive.. And by "little productive" i meant going out of the house. I wake up in the morning, drive my bros to school, meet up with old highschool friends, watched movies, eat together at the kedai mamak nearby our school, have a futsal match, playing games for hours at the infamous TBUN Cybercafe at Wangsa Maju. This routine is great. I socialise more BUT every time u go out from the house, u know that u're not the only thing that's going out. Yes i meant money, cash, ka-ching ka-ching, $$. So this routine is not favourable for low-funded holiday-ers like me..

Then there is a routine that i really wanted to do during this holiday. I would wake up in the morning, drive my bros to school AND straight to work! Yup work. A way to earn cash during the holiday. I prefer to find a part-time job that is related to store-keeping. I like taking care of stores, being a cashier, meet customers, re-arrange inventories and stuff like that. Not too tough. I would come back home some time in the afternoon. And then freshen up and then drive to a nearby language institute to study some Arabic. I'm planning to take Economics + Double Degree in Islamic Finance and that program requires the students to do some Arabic courses! I don't wanna go to Gombak later unprepared.. Then after the class i would go back home n spend some time online, watching tv and prepare myself for the next day :)

u guys miss this cool old hag? :D

The last routine that i mentioned above have yet to be implemented by me.. I wish i could implement that routine as soon as possible! I don't wanna spend my whole holiday doing my first or second daily routine! Pray for me that i can find a job fast guys :) Thanks for reading. Salam.

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