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Assalamu'alaikum readers.

Last Sunday, me and the squad from ROTU IIUM and ROTU UM intake 33 went for a trip to Sungai Gabai, Ulu Langat. The name of the event is called Rajawali's Retreat, Rajawali being the name of our squad. This trip is to celebrate the end of all the trainings that we had this semester and the end of our junior life. By next semester, me and the squad will be intermediates! It's our 2nd year being a cadet officer in ROTU. That also means we will have juniors below us. Ok I'm not going to write much because I'm actually in a very tight schedule. There's an event going on tonight and i'm part of the organizing committe. More about it on the upcoming post. In the meantime, let the pictures of the Gabai trip do the talking!

Arrived at the top! We had to scale a deadly set of stairs to get up here.

The squad hanging out before bathing in the river

Setting the fire for bbq

The small waterfall

The epic rock slide! Should be the 8th wonder of the world.
Excited face after my first try of the slide. One of the most fun experience I had during my 20 years of living.

Went back up on the slide for about 30 more times after that.

Many go down at once!
Trying to make a human chain as long as possible.

Hanging by the waterfall

Food is ready!

Most of the squad :)

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