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Assalamu'alaikum readers.

Haven't updated my blog in a while, but i'm happy that my page views keep increasing day by day. The month which has the highest views so far is last month (May 2011). I got a total of 2330 views just for that month. I wanna thank my all my readers which includes my friends at adni and iium who are following me and other anonymous people who view my blog to find info or leisure or etc.

For now i'm still on my holiday to await for my entrance to iium's main campus at Gombak. So as stated in my previous entry, i'm working at adni (my former secondary school) as a worker at their new cafe. Business is going pretty well.

Not much is happening to my life lately. Just same old same old. That's the main reason i didn't update my blog actually. Because i got nothing to write about. Hahah. Ok I got to go to sleep early. Have to wake up early to go to work again tomorrow.

See yah and thanks for reading readers. Salam.

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