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Sushi King?
Ayam Penyet?
Chicken Rice Shop?
Pizza Hut?
Ice Room?
The other McD?
Bangi Kopitiam?
Secret Recipe?
Cha Cham?
Kawah Thai?

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3.882 :) All praise be to ALLAH. The most Gracious, The Most Merciful :)

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Results didn't come out on the 15th -.- Now it has changed to 19th. Suspense jer..

Edit: 20th and not 19th actually..

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I'm feeling very anxious right now thinking about how are my results gonna turn out! I hope i did great. It is my first semester in a university level exam.. OK not a uni level but a foundation level but still, must show a good first impression to my parents ya?

I looked at my Facebook newsfeeds. Some of my UIA friends wrote that they don't wanna know their results, this, that. They believe that they did bad in their exams.. But cheer up guys. U're results might turn out great! But if they're not so good, surely improvements can be made in the second semester. Just gotta strive harder! No pain no gain! Thats what i always tell my self!


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Awkward Moments

Everyone experiences this. I just wanna share my recent awkward moment experience with u guys.

I was at a kedai mamak at Bukit Antarabangsa to buy some roti canai for breakfast for guests at home. As i went in there i saw that the roti canai cook is at the back. So i went to the back and an indonesian waiter asked me what do i want to order and i said 10 roti canai. Then i sat down on the chair near there. Then i immediately saw her packing some roti canai. I assumed it was for me. Then when she was finished packing and everything she went to the front of the shop in the direction of the cashier. I guess that she wanted to tell the cashier that she packed 10 roti canai because if she give me on the spot where i waited, then i might lie to the cashier of how many roti canai did i buy when i wanna pay later (which i won't do).

So i trailed her closely from the back and she was looking back at me with a weird look. I just ignored her. Then when she almost arrived at the cashier counter, she immediately turned right and gave the roti canai pack to someone else who was waiting!! I was so embarassed that i IMMEDIATELY turned and walked to the cashier counter and bought a newspaper! Then i went back to the back of the shop and waited at the same place i was initially, face down, reading the paper.

I peeked a bit and saw the indonesian lady packing some more roti canai. Then she gave the pack to me and i smiled and said thanks and paid at the counter.

I won't forget this ordeal...

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Holidays has been good so far. Stayed at home, friends came over for raya, went out with friends. But what i don't like about going out is, cash goes out of my wallet pretty fast as well -.-


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