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Salam readers :)

I just got back from KLCC. Two of my friends from school, Mujahid and Malik invited me to join them to go there for lunch and watch a movie! We had lunch at Burger King and it was fantasticly delicious! One of the best fast food restaurants ever. The portion is so much that even until now (11pm) I'm still feeling full! After lunch we immediately went to TGV cinema there and watched TRON: Legacy! OMG the movie was awesome!! The actors were amazing and the special effects and graphics and all were outstanding! The 2 hour-long movie was worth it :) Then after the movie we just don't have any idea where to go to next. So we checked out the Harley-Davidson shop right next to the cinema. We saw a big 1580CC superbike! Radical!!

Then a sudden thought came to my mind. I actually already thought of it for a long time that i want to buy myself a camera. I used to have a camera phone buy my phone was stolen -.- And i want a decent digital camera so that I can record my journey of life in pictures because memories won't last forever inside our brains. Capturing pictures of the moments we love.. and when we see it in the future, it will make us say that, "Ohh.. those were the days.. sweet times..... ;)" And also i can post more pictures in my blog!

Ok so we didn't survey a lot of stores for the camera, I just decided that i want a Canon camera because... Canon's the best camera brand I believe! My sister used to have a canon digital camera! So we went to the Canon store and got my eye hooked on the IXUS 105 that was on display. Its price is right at the peak of my budget line hehe. So i asked the salesgirl about the features and all. It was a 12.1mp digital cam with 4x optical zoom. A very decent digital cam. But it didn't take me too long to decide that I WANT IT! Yes i'm very bad at shopping. So she asked me which colour do I want. There were 5 to choose from, I can only remember 4, pink, white, light blue and this brown-ish black. So i asked the guys which one should I choose. And of course, they say that i should go for the pink -.- What a waste of time asking for their recommendation -.- So I just chose the brown-ish black colour!

This is the one! Exact model and colour that I chose!
Then she went at the back of the store to get the camera that i wanted and not for long she came back with the box and some other stuff. She said that i was supposed to get a free IXUS recycling bag but it was out of stock so i got a free mini tripod instead! Alhamdulillah i think that i won't even bother if i got the freaking recycling bag! But a mini tripod yeah!! Then she showed me the 4GB SD card, the battery, the cables and those stuff and i asked her to show me how to use this device because this is my first time ever having my very own digital camera! So she explained briefly about all the functions like flash, macro, zoom and ISO stuff. And then she handed the camera to me to give it a try. So i shot some pictures of Mujahid, Malik and myself!

The three of us! From left, me, Malik our Sudanese friend from highschool and Mujahid the random white guy  xD The salesgirl took this photo using my new camera. The quality's good isn't it xD
Then i made the payment using my UIA student card which is also my Muamalat ATM card. Yeah i'm paying using my scholarship money. No scholarship = No money to buy camera :( She was quite skeptical at first, looking at the student card. Then she flipped the card and saw the word MEPS written at the back of it and she said, "OK, let's give it a try". She asked me to come to back of the counter and key in my pin number to that 'device' where u insert the card in and then press the green button. Amazingly it works! The amount that i have to pay is directly deducted from my savings account! Technology these days will bring u wonder :)

Then she loaded all of the camera stuff into a small brown canon recycling bag and handed it to me and said Thank You and wished me New Year! So i smiled and replied back to her nicely :) I left the store happily and my smile maintained even on the way walking back to the LRT, in the LRT, in Mujahid's car until my house :)
My smile :) Hair's a bit messy though :/
Now i got a new camera!! I'm so excited! I just finished installing the product cd on my laptop and i transferred the pictures that i took throughout the day. Now i'm charging the battery for 8 hours. I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to buy this camera. One of my biggest achievement in life xD For the first time i bought an item which costs me this much using my very own cash! I'm not a small boy anymore ok mama and abah!

Ok now i wanna get some sleep. Been quite a day :) Salam and thanks for reading :)

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KL Blogger over here!

Salam. I made this special entry because i want to participate in the Blog Pilihan Malaysia (BPM). Here's their site

Name (as in):
Student card: SUHAIB
Usual calling name (nama panggilan): Suhaib
Nicknames (family): Saib, Waib, Soya bean.
Nicknames (friends): Su, Sobreng, Songep, Suhaibster, Mon, Eb, Ib, Sahib.
P/s: Before u even think of it, Satriya is not a joke. It really is my dad's name :\

Single but not interested to mingle :)

Ways to contact me:
Facebook and Twitter. Links to them is at the top of my page right below the word (Student Life). I have 3 emails; suhaibster@gmail/hotmail/ ;) I prefer gmail the most though :/

Current Location:
I live in Sering Ukay, Ampang. It is a new residence area on the hilly area towards Ukay Perdana and right beside Bukit Antarabangsa. Sometimes i'm a bit confused if i live in KL or Selangor because my address sometimes says Selangor and sometimes KL but i feel like living in KL because KLCC and the main city centre is like only 15 minutes away. So i have to say that i live in KL ;)
One of the houses in Sering Ukay. This is not my exact house of course. My house is not a corner lot :(

Main Attraction:
 Malls such as Wangsa Walk, Aeon Keramat AU2, Ampang Point, Suria KLCC, Times Square, Pavillion, etc. Of course KL has the best attractions :D
Me drinking bubble tea at Wangsa Walk :D
Ok i think that's all the things i have to write to participate in BPM.

Thank you!

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Yeshh.. I'm finally home. The last time i went home is 4 weeks ago. So that makes 4 weeks my longest record of not-going-home so far as i'm a student in cfs :D This is also my second time going back home during this semester. Yeah2 so some of u might say, "4 weeks only?? I never went home even once during this whole sem!!". Well I happened to live in Ampang which is only 30-45 minutes from Nilai!! So that's my best excuse for my frequency of going home :)

Owwkay.. so in this post i want to tell u why on some weekends i go home and why some weekends i prefer to stay at campus.

Our eldest cat, Fifty, tidur
ter-kangkang dengan bantal
peluk dia
At Home

  1. Family. Yeah obviously home is where family is. My mom, brothers and our maid who have been with us for almost (or over) 15 years i believe. Nothing's better than spending time with my family :)
  2. My cats!! I love my cats! I have five of them. Everytime i go home, they will come to me, jump on my lap and expect me to cuddle them. If u show love and affection to animals, they will show love and affection to u :) 
  3. Free and High-speed internet! Yup i'm talking about Streamyx. Of course when i say free i meant there is no cost for me using it :) Comparing than when i have to pay RM10 for 18 hours of slow Murni Hotspot :/ At home is usually where i download movies, watch youtube, chatting, play online games and all other.. internet... stuff...
There are lots more reasons why i like to stay at home like meeting with friends, etc, but i'd like to keep this post nice and short :)

At Campus

  1. Studies. This is the major reason why i prefer to stay at campus. This is where i study, revise, read and do assignments. Don't expect me to open my books at home because there are too many distractions at home, for me that is. Some people prefer to study at home but i really don't get them. Sorry >.<
  2. The feeling of being independent. Yeah at campus, u're away from ur family, u're economically independent for the weekends, U got to buy your own food, do your own laundry and stuff like that. And i kinda like being independent because u're not gonna stay with ur family for the rest of ur life right?
Ok. I have to admit that i don't have any other reasons for staying at campus besides these 2 reasons.. But we are students right? Studies have to be our no.1 priority at this time :) After i have completed this sem i will be having holiday for HALF A YEAR! I will enjoy my stay at home during that period. Just a few more weeks of study pressure and then I'm freeeeeee!!

Ok bye. Salam. And thanks for reading :)

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One more mid-term paper!

I am now enjoying a hot cup of Maggi curry flavoured because Alhamdulillah I am left with only one more mid-term paper! Just finished Maths 2 paper a few hours ago. It's not as easy as the exercises in past year questions, but its bearable :) I managed to answer all the questions. I was stuck at answering this one question!! I took like 15 minutes staring at it! At the last minute before the exam finishes, it struck me. Oooo. It requires the knowledge of conjugating the fraction so that the square roots at the numerator can be removed! YEAH I'm nerd! That method never crossed my mind until the last minute of the exam -.- Maybe Allah is trying to tell me something. Maybe its because i always perform my prayers late, hence the Ilham too comes to me late.. Oook don't need to believe in that.

Economics paper last Monday was Oww Kayy... No seriously. Easier than i imagined it. And i was a bit relieved because right after the exam finishes and we have submitted our papers to the front, a lecturer lent the ANSWER SCHEME to my friend who is sitting in front of me. He peeked through the paper so i wanted to peek too! Then i asked the paper from him and he gave it to me. I looked through the answers for MCQ and Alhamdulillah! I got 9/10! Our mcq for this paper carries 2 marks each. So that already assures me that i at least have gotten 18/40 for the econs mid-term paper. Yeah!! I didn't have time to look at the rest of the answers because the lecturer already wanted the answer scheme back :(

Understanding Islam last Monday was kind of a pain in the N-E-C-K! And i thought Economics was my weakest course this sem. But this paper made me feel that UI is the toughest course!! The MCQ part was ok... but the TRUE and FALSE part!! We didn't just have to write if the statement is TRUE or FALSE, but we also have to justify it! It was already hard trying to state if the statement is TRUE OR FALSE!! Haih.. Just wish me all the best with this course guys..

Accounting is a bit relief. Its one of our earliest mid term paper. So my group have gotten back the results!! and Alhamdulillah i got 53/60 (86%). Two girls share the highest mark of 87% Damn!! A little bit more.. I'm not worrying much about my accounting because i already learnt most of our accounting syllabus in English during my high-school.. Accounting is just like revision to me here at cfs.. Weee~

My last paper tomorrow is going to be Computer 2 practical. My venue will be at Lab 2 at 3.15pm. Computer 2 is a privilege only to Econs students hehehe. And i think it is way easier than Comp 1. Comp 1 requires a lot of reading and memorising.. Comp 2 is more to hands-on stuff. I like! In Comp 2 we only work using MS Office Access 2007. Doing database stuff. Quite simple because i already learn using Access in high-school as well. The mid-term for computer 2 comprises of two papers, written and practical. Practical is going to be on tomorrow. We already did written last 2 weeks and my group have gotten back the results! I'm proud to say that i got the highest in class of 54/60!!! Hahahah i'm so happy!!

All right. I have finished my Maggi Hot Cup and my throat is feeling sore. You know that feeling you got in your throat when u drank the Maggi Curry soup too much? Yeah that one. Ok i got to go do a bit more exercise on computer. Wish me all the best. And Happy Holidays to all my CFS friends!! Most of my friends are already celebrating their mid-break  -.- Only a few econs students who are graduating this sem have Comp 2 tomorrow. Oh well. The good thing is we're going to graduate before u guys! HAHAHA!! Ok Bye. Salam :)

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Salam all. I had quite an adventure last night. I wanna write a post about it but apparently i don't have the time to.. This coming week is going to be a busy one. I still got some unfinished assignments and 3 more mid-term papers need to be done.. Maybe i'll write a post about last night during our mid-break later.. Sorry >.<

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Salam all. We'll we be having our last rehearsal in a few minutes so i'm gonna write this post quick. Tonight i will be playing the keyboard for a nasyid group named 6:30. Yup, 6 pillars of iman and 30 Juz of the Qur'an. The members of this group are students of cfs just like me. They have really good vocals :O Tonight will be the finals and the winner will get a cash prize!!

Pray and provide us a lot of du'a for this competition. This will be my first time performing in front of an audience hehe :) I'm quite anxious and excited. OK that's all. Thanks guys :)

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Me and Music

I have a hidden interest. I like to play music. Currently i can play the keyboard and guitar. Decent skills on the former but only basic skills on the latter..

I started playing the keyboard during Form 3 i believe.. My elder brother started playing the keyboard first and as i listen to him playing it, the nice rhythm and all, me myself got interested in playing the keyboard! So i started playing it and my bro teaches me a bit too but mostly i learn by myself.. That's why u have the Internet right?? U can find enormous amounts of tutorials and guides to play musical instruments on the net. I never go to music classes nor pay for any.

The keyboard me n my younger bro bought.
My elder bro has his own keyboard. So everytime i want to play the keyboard i have to use his.. Its kinda troublesome for him so i wanted my own keyboard as well.. But at that time i was just a highschool student.. I don't have the money. So me and my younger brother (he's interested to play the keyboard as well) save up money and bought a Yamaha keyboard. I actually kinda borrowed some from my mum.. Its a decent keyboard with a lot of functions, voices and song bank. They keyboard itself can teach me to play songs!

Well for guitar.. I was exposed to it maybe somewhere during Form 3 as well.. My best friend Mujahid he's a real guitar metalhead. He's the best guitar player i've ever seen in real life. When i go to his house he occasionally teaches me how to play it and all. I think its way harder to play the guitar comparing to play the keyboard.. So i was late at catching up on the picking and fretting and the strumming and all..

I didn't have my own guitar until i arrive at University here, my first semester. I was really bored at dorm.. Everytime i come back from class, and then nothing to do at dorm.. So i decided to nurture a skill throughout my life here at Nilai.. At the beginning of my first sem I bought a purple-coloured guitar at a nearby music shop for RM180 inclusive of the RM20 bag. It was the cheapest decent acoustic guitar at the shop. So from the day i bought the guitar until now, i've been practicing playing it. Learning the basics is quite difficult.. But the good thing is i have a Sifu! Mujahid also happens to be my dormmate here! He teaches me throughout the way and i can now play and strum the basic chords! I can also play some simple solos. But the goreng2 and all not yet.. I can't even do bar chords yet. But its a progress!

Oh wow tonight became really unexpected. I volunteered myself to be in a Nasyid group. At first i was chosen to play the guitar but then they found out that i was better at playing the keyboard so i ended up playing the keyboard while a 2nd year senior plays the guitar. What do u guys expect? Me vocals?? Bluek.. He also happens to be the leader of the nasyid group. The training just now was good. I already know most of the chords that i'm going to play for their song. And its great :D

There will be a Nasyid competition this saturday. And there will be a cash prize for winning the competition!! I was kinda angry because i was shortnoticed.. but its ok.. I'm kinda anxious actually :X This will be the first time i disclose my musical talents in front of an audience. I play music more because of a personal interest. I never once thought that i would be performing in front of an audience @.@

I don't want music to interfere with my career.. I wanna be an Islamic Financial Planner insyaAllah. Music is just a side interest. U know.. things u do when u get bored or during your free time.. Oh or maybe i could be a part-time musician?? Hahahahah......

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Aduhh.. pinggul cramp.. tapak kaki melecet.. Tapi memang puas and worth it ahh..

Baru balik dari main futsal kat court futsal baru tadi. Yg between Blok A and Blok C. Dari awal sem lepas lagi nampak kawasan tuh tgh construction.. Aku dulu fikir.. "Ni diorg nak buat apa nih..." Beberapa bulan lepas tuh tgk2 ade lah rangka sikit mcm court sukan.. "Aku rasa basketball court kot.." Pastu beberapa bulan lagi lepas tuh baru lah tau.. "Ohh.. Court futsal.." Camne aku tau? Sbb ade dua tiang goal kat situ lah..

Hari rabu lepas roommate Syahir Ali mintak aku tempah court baru tu utk main futsal. Semua roomate lain ade kelas ptg tuh.. aku sorg je yg xde kelas sepanjang hari tuh so aku gak ah yg kene tempah kat STAD.. Kene isi borang.. Name.. matric no.. time of usage aku gi taruk 8.30pm - 11pm.. Lepas tempah tu aku pun dpt ah salinan borang tempahan tuh. Sabtu malam nanti kene tunjuk kat pak guard borang tuh nanti dia pun bukak kan lah lampu and pintu court tu semua.

So sabtu malam pun menjelang. Lepas solat Isyak kitorg pun turun bawah dan pergi ke court sambil melambung2 bola futsal Syahir. Dtg2 je tgk lampu spotlight semua dah on terang benderang. Pintu pun dah x kunci. Punctual gak eh pak-guard2 nih.. Kitorg pun masuk and warm-up kejap.. main passing2 and shoot sementara tunggu pasukan lawan iaitu dorm B1-1-11. Yup B1-1-11. Diorg gak ah yg post video kat facebook diorg tgh menari lagu sorry sorry - super junior tuh. lawak gle sial.. Video boleh dicari di facebook..

Kitorg tunggu lebih kurang stgh jam di situ.. diorg pun sampai.. Ramai lagi org2 yg aku x kenal main kat court sebelah.. mungkin diorg tempah gak kot.. So kitorg pun main ah.. B234 vs B1111 Most of the time aku main keeper and defender je.. aku ni bukannye pandai sgt main bola pun.. boleh dikira kaki bangku ah.. tp mmg minat main ah. bes seronok! adrenaline meningkat!! Masa aku jadi keeper, ade gak ah bola yg bolos masuk gol.. tp xpe.. akhirnye team kte gak yg menang.. 12-9 kot score dia x silap aku.. team aku mmg semua power2 ah. iqbal and syidi ah especially. syidi dtg lambat sket.. kol 10.20 kot.. xtau gi mana tah dia. tp bila dia masuk mmg power ah..

Pastu dah kol 11.10.. x terasa pun kte dah main bola sampai 2jam setengah. Ada bbrp org lagi masih stay kat situ time kitorg blah. Kitorg nak gi kawah thai minum2 jap. Otw tgh jalan tu, tgk blkg sket kat court tgk2 byk lampu spotlight pun dah off.. tinggal 2 je yang on. Pak guard nak signal org yg masih main dlm tu lah tu yg masa utk main dah habis. So kte pun duduk kat kawah thai minum2. Pastu balik dorm.

Dalam dorm kte semua complain yg dorm dah jadi busuk. dengan peluh2 kte bercampur-baur. Kte semua pun ape lagi. Hit the showers ah. Lepas dah habis mandi sabun shampu semua segar, aku pun duduk bersila duduk depan laptop on facebook and tulis blog nih..

Pinggul aku masih tgh cramp skrg nih.. tapak kaki melecet.. nak jalan pun mcm org tua terhegeh2.. x tau pun nanti boleh ke x panjat tangga utk naik atas katil.. Aku x pernah main sepuas camni sblm nih.. berpeluh camni sblm nih.. perghh.. worth it ahh.. next week nak tempah lagi ah. heheh. tp exam fim on that sunday.. noo..

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2nd Semester Mid-term

My first mid-term paper which is QKM2243: Accounting 2 will be held in less than 4 hours!! And i still have the time to write a short blog post! Heheheh.

So it's mid-term already?? That was fast. I've been here for 7 weeks already but i didn't realize it. It also means than three quarters of my time here at cfs is going to be over. Only a quarter way to go.. Time flies by so fast.. I need to spend my time more wisely while i'm here..

Ok that's all for now (I told u it's a short post). I need to do a last minute study a bit for my accounting.. All the best to all of my other friends who are having their Mid-term as well! :D

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Aku kedekut ilmu

Aku tau lah yg aku ni x sepandai mana.

ko tanye aku soalan psl account aku x dpt jwb.

ko ckp aku kedekut ilmu.

ko tanye aku soalan psl maths aku x dpt jwb.

ko ckp aku kedekut ilmu.

ko tanye aku soalan bahasa arab aku x dpt jwb.

ko ckp aku kedekut ilmu.

ko tanye aku soalan pasal pape pun aku x dpt jwb.

ko ckp aku kedekut ilmu.

masalahnye aku cetek ilmu bukan nya kedekut ilmu ko tau x? kalau aku tau jawapan nya aku bgtau ah. klau x tau xkan nk ckp yg aku tau kot. ajaran sesat tu nama nya. haiz

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Story Time

I want to share with u guys a story.

I befriended someone. I would like to refer her as 'Nur'. Nur is a really nice person. The way we knew each other is kinda complicated. But that's unimportant.

We became close friends very quickly. We chatted a lot. She shared some of her secrets to me. Sometimes just a little too detailed. Haha. I always give advices to her whenever she has problems. And the most important thing, we trusted each other. She's not like anyone i have ever befriended before. I was a very good friend to her and she was a very good friend to me.

One night, we were chatting through YM. We were online till late night. 2am+. We were chatting about a lot of random stuff. And i always tease her of one thing. Her crush. She has a crush on a friend of mine. For quite a long time already actually. A very close friend of mine too. I would like to refer him as 'Mat'. She's very shy around Mat. You know, just like any teenage girl who's having a crush on a guy. They apparently knew each other but she never had the courage to tell him how she feels about him.

So as usual i kept telling Nur that she could start by adding Mat on facebook or ym or windows live and get to know more about each other. Talking about windows live, i opened it just to see who's online at this hour. As i about to log in, i saw that Mat left his username and password saved on my laptop! He must've accidentally saved his password while he was using my laptop last time.

So there i was. In front of my laptop with Mat's windows live username and password. I could take this opportunity to land the biggest prank on Nur. Just for the laughs. So i logged in to his account and immediately added Nur's ym email. When i added her through Mat's account, she immediately sent me a message on YM saying "OMG HE ADDED ME!!". My myself can't stop laughing to her reaction. She asked "What should i do??". And i said "Just accept the request lah!".

So she accepted the request and i immediately used Mat's account to chat with her. I typed "Hi". And she replied "Hi...". She bumped the 'real' me on ym saying "I can't believe this is happening!!". And i just kept on laughing and laughing!! I replied to her "It's ok everything'll be fine.. Just chat with him just as how u chat with everyone else.."

I used Mat's account and chatted with her like normal people chat with each other UNTIL i decided to do something more drastic.. I typed "Nur.. I got something to tell u...". She replied "Yes.. mat..?". She also wrote to my ym, "OMG he said my name and is telling me something!!". I laughed again so hard! I didn't reply to that but instead continued using Mat's account. "I actually have feelings for u Nur.. Since the first time i met u.. I fell for u..".

There was a moment of awkward silence there.. She didn't reply to my ym or Mat's windows live for like one whole minute. She wrote to Mat, "Why didn't u tell me earlier..". I couldn't stop myself from cracking up so hard!!! I almost literally ROFL!! So i decided that's it. I can't continue the prank anymore. I gotta tell her that Mat is actually me. So i replied to Nur using Mat's windows live, "Nur... This is not Mat.." And i continued on my own ym, "I just pranked u Nur! Hahahahahahahahah!! Sorry i can't handle it, his windows live's username and password was on my laptop!"

A bit of silence moment there.. and then she replied, "u.. u.. how DARE u did that to me?!" I replied, "Huh?". "I can't believe that u're actually my friend!". I was shocked as hell. I replied, "Hey2 i was just joking ok?" She continued, "I trusted u.. I can't believe u did this to me.." I was so shocked that i didn't know what was going on, i was just staring at my computer screen. "U lied to me. I can't believe u lied to me. I hate u. I hate u. I hate u. I hate u. I should've known it was u. There was no way Mat would confess to me.."

I said to my self, "Oh no.. oh no.. this is not supposed to be happening.. it was all supposed to be just a joke.. what have i done.. i messed around with her feelings.. oh no.." I replied to her, "Nur.. I'm so sorry i didn't mean it.." She replied, "Can i ask u something?? Why did u do it?? Why did u have to do it?? U like to play around with my feelings??". "No Nur.. I would never do that to u.. I just wanna do a little bit of joke that's all..". " Yeah. Right. It was SO funny. U don't understand how i feel at all do u??"

I felt so bad that i immediately went offline, closed my laptop, switched off the lights and tried to sleep. I can't stand it. What i've done was so wrong.. That night became a sleepless one.. I contemplated on what i just did to her.. I messed around with her feelings and more than that. I laughed at her. No. I didn't mean to laugh at her like that.. I just gave her hope that her crush confessed to her and i just took it away just like that.. I lied to her.. I'm a bad person.. A really bad person.. Worse than a beast. That's the worst thing i have ever done to anyone in my life..

"How could i do that? What was i thinking?" i said to myself. I just lost one of my close-est friend in just a matter of few minutes of pranking..

It took quite some time to form that friendship but just a few seconds to destroy it.. I regretted it. I regretted doing that prank..

Yea so that's the story.. A very good lesson to me because i like doing pranks.. I don't want it to go overboard like this guy over here.. Tell me if u want me to share with u the rest of the story. I didn't finish it because this post is too long already..

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