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KL Blogger over here!

Salam. I made this special entry because i want to participate in the Blog Pilihan Malaysia (BPM). Here's their site

Name (as in):
Student card: SUHAIB
Usual calling name (nama panggilan): Suhaib
Nicknames (family): Saib, Waib, Soya bean.
Nicknames (friends): Su, Sobreng, Songep, Suhaibster, Mon, Eb, Ib, Sahib.
P/s: Before u even think of it, Satriya is not a joke. It really is my dad's name :\

Single but not interested to mingle :)

Ways to contact me:
Facebook and Twitter. Links to them is at the top of my page right below the word (Student Life). I have 3 emails; suhaibster@gmail/hotmail/ ;) I prefer gmail the most though :/

Current Location:
I live in Sering Ukay, Ampang. It is a new residence area on the hilly area towards Ukay Perdana and right beside Bukit Antarabangsa. Sometimes i'm a bit confused if i live in KL or Selangor because my address sometimes says Selangor and sometimes KL but i feel like living in KL because KLCC and the main city centre is like only 15 minutes away. So i have to say that i live in KL ;)
One of the houses in Sering Ukay. This is not my exact house of course. My house is not a corner lot :(

Main Attraction:
 Malls such as Wangsa Walk, Aeon Keramat AU2, Ampang Point, Suria KLCC, Times Square, Pavillion, etc. Of course KL has the best attractions :D
Me drinking bubble tea at Wangsa Walk :D
Ok i think that's all the things i have to write to participate in BPM.

Thank you!

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  1. Ap said...
    rmh org kayaa
    Suhaib said...
    mana ada dowh. yg pic tu bukan umah aku. pic tu corner lot. aku rumah tengah je.. teres..

    bkan cam ko kan banglo buat sendiri lagi dowh!
    Mujahid said...
    style beb
    ✿ CikCimi said...
    hi blogger kl !
    Suhaib said...
    Hi CikCimi :D

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