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Salam readers :)

I just got back from KLCC. Two of my friends from school, Mujahid and Malik invited me to join them to go there for lunch and watch a movie! We had lunch at Burger King and it was fantasticly delicious! One of the best fast food restaurants ever. The portion is so much that even until now (11pm) I'm still feeling full! After lunch we immediately went to TGV cinema there and watched TRON: Legacy! OMG the movie was awesome!! The actors were amazing and the special effects and graphics and all were outstanding! The 2 hour-long movie was worth it :) Then after the movie we just don't have any idea where to go to next. So we checked out the Harley-Davidson shop right next to the cinema. We saw a big 1580CC superbike! Radical!!

Then a sudden thought came to my mind. I actually already thought of it for a long time that i want to buy myself a camera. I used to have a camera phone buy my phone was stolen -.- And i want a decent digital camera so that I can record my journey of life in pictures because memories won't last forever inside our brains. Capturing pictures of the moments we love.. and when we see it in the future, it will make us say that, "Ohh.. those were the days.. sweet times..... ;)" And also i can post more pictures in my blog!

Ok so we didn't survey a lot of stores for the camera, I just decided that i want a Canon camera because... Canon's the best camera brand I believe! My sister used to have a canon digital camera! So we went to the Canon store and got my eye hooked on the IXUS 105 that was on display. Its price is right at the peak of my budget line hehe. So i asked the salesgirl about the features and all. It was a 12.1mp digital cam with 4x optical zoom. A very decent digital cam. But it didn't take me too long to decide that I WANT IT! Yes i'm very bad at shopping. So she asked me which colour do I want. There were 5 to choose from, I can only remember 4, pink, white, light blue and this brown-ish black. So i asked the guys which one should I choose. And of course, they say that i should go for the pink -.- What a waste of time asking for their recommendation -.- So I just chose the brown-ish black colour!

This is the one! Exact model and colour that I chose!
Then she went at the back of the store to get the camera that i wanted and not for long she came back with the box and some other stuff. She said that i was supposed to get a free IXUS recycling bag but it was out of stock so i got a free mini tripod instead! Alhamdulillah i think that i won't even bother if i got the freaking recycling bag! But a mini tripod yeah!! Then she showed me the 4GB SD card, the battery, the cables and those stuff and i asked her to show me how to use this device because this is my first time ever having my very own digital camera! So she explained briefly about all the functions like flash, macro, zoom and ISO stuff. And then she handed the camera to me to give it a try. So i shot some pictures of Mujahid, Malik and myself!

The three of us! From left, me, Malik our Sudanese friend from highschool and Mujahid the random white guy  xD The salesgirl took this photo using my new camera. The quality's good isn't it xD
Then i made the payment using my UIA student card which is also my Muamalat ATM card. Yeah i'm paying using my scholarship money. No scholarship = No money to buy camera :( She was quite skeptical at first, looking at the student card. Then she flipped the card and saw the word MEPS written at the back of it and she said, "OK, let's give it a try". She asked me to come to back of the counter and key in my pin number to that 'device' where u insert the card in and then press the green button. Amazingly it works! The amount that i have to pay is directly deducted from my savings account! Technology these days will bring u wonder :)

Then she loaded all of the camera stuff into a small brown canon recycling bag and handed it to me and said Thank You and wished me New Year! So i smiled and replied back to her nicely :) I left the store happily and my smile maintained even on the way walking back to the LRT, in the LRT, in Mujahid's car until my house :)
My smile :) Hair's a bit messy though :/
Now i got a new camera!! I'm so excited! I just finished installing the product cd on my laptop and i transferred the pictures that i took throughout the day. Now i'm charging the battery for 8 hours. I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to buy this camera. One of my biggest achievement in life xD For the first time i bought an item which costs me this much using my very own cash! I'm not a small boy anymore ok mama and abah!

Ok now i wanna get some sleep. Been quite a day :) Salam and thanks for reading :)

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  1. Nazmi Hamzah said...
    suhaub berapa harga kamera tuhh?
    Suhaib said...
    tok sah bgtau lah.. x mahal mne pun..
    Nazmi Hamzah said...
    alaaaa aku nak tau ja. nak beli gak. haha
    Mujahid said...
    omG, RAdical much? i liek taht pic of me mna :D
    Suhaib said...
    nazmi: haha ok lah nnt aku bgtau ko ble balik nilai nnt

    mujahid: yea man u look so white!
    Ap said...
    aku pn nk cari kmera bru lahhh
    n rsa cam nk tampar muka kaw tgh snyum 2.. hahaha
    Suhaib said...
    eh bukan ko dah ada sony dslr tu ke??

    haha aku tau lah aku cute kan?? :P
    Ap said...
    aku nk y jnih2 2
    snang record pa smua
    Nur Sakinah As-Shokri said...
    ceyyyyyyyy :D
    Suhaib said...
    heheh :D
    Anonymous said...
    I’m still studying from you, but I’m bettering myself. I certainly love studying every little thing that's written in your blog.Maintain the stories coming. I loved it!

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