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Salam. I am now back at campus. Arrived here at 3pm. I was the first one to arrive among my dormmates. The dorm is a mess -.- At around 5pm Zul came. Ahh.. a bit relieved. I don't think i'm going to survive the night here alone.. There's ghosts here!! Waahhhh its freaking scary alone in the dorm!

Well ok not much to talk about in this post. Just want to share with u guys that yesterday me and a couple of friends went to One Utama at Damansara. Just hanging around there. We wanted to play pool + bowling + watch movies but unfortunately we can't do any of that because they're all filled with people! Yeah yesterday (Friday) was a public holiday because Malaysia won the footbal match with Indonesia.

But we didn't go there for nothing. We had lunch at Pizza Milano. The pasta + pizza there are awesome!! Mujahid bought himself a new electric guitar amplifier. He's so happy! Read his blog post here. Then Hakim and I went to MPH bookstore. Hakim bought himself 2 english novels while I bought 2 malay novels. Both of my novels are from the same author, Habiburrahman El Shirazy. I love his literary work. They're RM25.90 each so my total payment is RM51.80. We both paid together and i gave Hakim RM50 so he treated me RM1.80! Thanks Hakim :D After that we had some Japanese Crepes. I don't even know that japanese have their own crepes o.O So we decided to try it. Crepes are supposed to be hard as in toasty + crunchy but japanese crepe were.. soft + chewy. Its weird. But the filling was sweet :D After a long day at OU (not very long) Hakim sent me back home..

Left: Me, Hakim and Yusuf (mujahid's bro) at Pizza Milano

Japanese Crepes. The display shows that the crepes are so toasty + crispy!! But actually the ones we ate are really soft -.-

The 2 novels that i bought. I read Dalam Mihrab Cinta last night i already finished 3/4th of the book :D There are actually 3 or 4 stories in that novel. They are all compiled into one novel. As usual Habiburrahman El-Shirazy's novels are all touching ;( I'm going to read Bumi  Cinta after i finished Dalam Mihrab Cinta.

This morning before i arrived here at Nilai, My family and I went to my new Aunty's house at Taman Seri Putra. Its very near to Nilai so that's why i decided to go back to campus straight away! Her new house is a Semi-D. Very beautiful! Here are some pics i snapped using my new camera there :D
Beautiful Semi-D
My family with my new camera :D
She even have a nice fishing pond! But no fishes yet..
Sorry can't upload much photos of the house.. The internet here is too slow.. You can see more of them at my facebook page :D Ok that's all i'm gonna write for tonight. Got to finish up some assignments that i have to submit next week... Salam :)

EDIT: Hey i just realized this is the first post in the year 2011! Happy new year readers and May Allah shower us with His blessings during this whole year :)

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  1. Nur Sakinah As-Shokri said...
    wow, minat novel habiburrahman's novel ek? best kot :D
    Suhaib said...
    ha'ah best gler kot :D ko pun baca gak buku2 dia?
    Nur Sakinah As-Shokri said...
    haha, layan gakkk :D tp skrg dah jarang . layan author lain pulak, salju sakinah, hidayah cinta apa semua tu -.-
    Suhaib said...
    oohoh salju sakinah tu my mum ada beli tp skrg x tau p mana.. aku maleh nak explore author2 lain. takut x ska.. haha. ak setia pada satu je :)
    Nur Sakinah As-Shokri said...
    haha, okay okay aku paham :D aku suka explore :D
    kalau xsuka, baca p jaa -.-'

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