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Requirements for Scholarship

Salam readers. A few minutes ago I just submitted an application for a SCHOLARSHIP from Shell!! :O

Yes a scholarship. Everyone wants to get scholarship am I right? I mean who doesn't? The rich people who believe that they are economically dependent on themselves and their families A few thousand bucks flowing in through your bank account every semester. THAT is sweet stuff. But getting a scholarship is not easy. There are a few requirements.

The first requirement is you must have an EXCELLENT ACADEMIC BACKGROUND. It's obvious isn't it? The first thing that people want to see in your scholarship application form is your academic background. Even in the application form, the first thing that you need to fill in after your particulars, is your academic results. As for Shell example, you must have at least a CGPA of 3.5 to be able to apply.

The second requirement is you must involve yourself in A LOT OF EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. This is basically your involvements in CLUBS or SOCIETIES and SPORTS in your school/campus. It is better if u hold a higher position in the club or society.

These two requirements are VERY IMPORTANT INDEPENDENTLY. Even if the academic background carry the greater weight, you can't just have a very strong academic background, but you don't involve yourself in any curricular activities. Let me give you an example, if you have a CGPA of 3.59 and you're applying for a scholarship and there is also another student who have a CGPA of 3.59 and is applying for the same scholarship. But there's only one seat left for the scholarship! So who's going to get it? Of course they will look at your extra curricular acitivites and see whose is better.

Again I want to mention, getting a scholarship is not easy. Getting a scholarship is just competing yourself with other scholarship appliers. The companies/institutions/government want their scholarships to be given to the BEST OF THE BEST STUDENTS because scholarships given are limited.

So if you're a student and u already met or believe that u are going to meet these two requirements, don't hold  your back for applying these scholarships because u got absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE. Aside from filling the long complicated application forms :/ The cash u get from scholarships is really luxurious and will lift the financial burden of studying off your shoulders. Or your parents' ;) There are a lot of companies and institutions and of course the government who are giving out scholarships out there. Either if its for ur High-schooling, Bachelor's Degree, Masters or PhD.

So all the best in your scholarships and studies :) Thanks for reading. Salam.

P/s: That old man is not me

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  1. ♥NuR SyAFiQah♥ said...
    wah..i hope u get this scholarship :)
    Mujahid said...
    wats wid teh seedy lookin old man, man?
    Anonymous said...
    That uncle is CUTE, seriously!
    Suhaib said...
    syafiqah: thank u.. but sadly my application got rejected :( its ok there are lots more scholarships i can apply right??
    mujahid: its just random haha
    pqah: hahah. i know right??

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