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Assalamu'alaikum readers.

For your information, all of the Wataniah juniors will be leaving Wataniah to join PALAPES Darat. So what is PALAPES Darat? And why are we leaving Wataniah? Let's answer one by one shall we.

PALAPES stands for Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan. The english version is ROTU which stands for Reserve Officers Training Unit. Darat is referring to the land Army. So me and my squad will be joining PALAPES Darat. So what's the difference between PALAPES and Wataniah? Wiki: Wataniah and PALAPES

In Wataniah, we are trained as Privates (Prebet). Privates are the lowest ranks of the miltary ranking structure. Some may also advance to be a Lance Corporal but usually that's the highest that u can get after finishing the 3 years doing Wataniah in IPTAs.

In PALAPES, we are trained to be Officers (Pegawai). An Officer is of a much higher rank than privates. In fact, it is even a higher level than Sergeants and Warrant Officers. Sergeants have to salute the Officers. After finishing 3 years in the PALAPES course, we will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant (Leftenan Muda). It is the lowest rank in the Officers group. There are mass advantages of becoming an officer when u are in the working life. Wiki: Malaysian Army Rank Structure

So why are the juniors leaving Wataniah for PALAPES? It is simply because IIUM is slowly abolishing Wataniah from the university. The current standard for Uniform Bodies in IPTAs are PALAPES and SUKSIS (police cadet). Wataniah is not up to par comparing to the other uniform bodies. IIUM already have PALAPES Udara (Air ROTU) established 3 years ago and is doing fine training at the campus every week. So this year they are starting to establish PALAPES Darat. And my batch are the fortunate ones to be chosen for the 1st batch of PALAPES Darat!

So as u can see, joining PALAPES has a much bigger advantage than joining Wataniah. But a higher rank means harder and more intensive training! Wataniah in IIUM only has to train 10 hours every saturday, but for PALAPES, we have to train 10 hours every saturday and sunday! Furthermore, since IIUM is still new to PALAPES Darat, trainings still cannot be held within campus due to lack of trainers. Instead, every training will be held at University of Malaya (UM), Petaling Jaya. We will be borrowing their curriculum structure for PALAPES Darat. Training starts at 7am there so basically we have to depart from UIA around 6am every training weekend.

This is quite an enormous challenge for us students. We not only have to maintain our academic CGPA, but we also have to go training every weekends. So the only time to do our assignments, revisions and discussions are only during the weekdays after class hours. This is a very big dilemma for us students even though we've been told earlier about this. We were given a choice. Either we join PALAPES or we leave the uniform body. I think out of the 32 people in our squad, only one left. We were saddened that we lost one of our squad members but at the same time we respect his decision. He knows what's best for him. Some of our squad members are actually still very doubtful about their decisions. The main worry is how much is it going to affect our academics. Basically, time management and mental strength is the key to overcome these problems.

Entering PALAPES is a huge sacrifice made by students. Like i mentioned in one of my tweets, "Most people think that you need toughness, strength and muscle to join the army, but actually it's more to attitude, discipline and commitment." It is shown by the students that joined PALAPES Udara mostly have a low CGPA, but we try to not be like them. We have to change our perspective, behaviour and discipline from now on. No more DotA for me and especially no more procrastinating! Procrastination is one of the bad habits i want to abolish from myself by joining PALAPES. Procrastination of assignments is a definite no no. I will try my best to revise every weeknights.

Thank for reading readers. Pray for the success for us uniform bodies!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Come on pussy. I found so many freshmeats like you who at first were so proud of joining palapes but at the end, they became bloodyhell, can't take fuckin orders and secure themselves from duties. Fuck you juniors. So if you think you're fit for this military training, suit up into ur fuckin white planters order, angkat sumpah, and prepare for the worst, junior.

    Please don't call askar darat 'land Rotu) in english. Its ARMY, for darat. Jangan malukan diri sendiri.
    Suhaib said...
    Well hello there anonymous. Thank u for visiting my blog and for dropping a comment :)

    From ur comment I suppose that u are a senior PALAPES student?

    I understand what u are trying to say about us junior being over-ambitious and stuff, but u can't say that all of us are "can't take orders and secure ourselves from duties". Maybe ur generalizing us from the juniors that u observe? Thank u for sharing ur experience. InsyaAllah my friends and I won't follow the footsteps of 'those juniors' that u observe.

    And i realized the mistake about the land ROTU thing and i corrected it. Thank u for telling me.

    One thing i don't understand is what's with the harsh tone? Tgh berdendam with someone or something ke? And u chose my blog as a place to let it go? Come on bro. Actually, u can say all the things u want to say above in a nicer way. And u opt to be angry about it? Hmmm..

    Thank u again for ur advice. Salam :)
    Anonymous said...
    I thought the reply should be 'sir yes sir'?. What a fail junior. Take that as a lesson. The harsh comments was just a test. It could be nicer btw.

    PALAPES is not like any other kind of uniform units. Bukannya PKBM, bukannya pengakap. Military life is not about beds of roses. Cakap kasar is normal. Anythg that is related to harshness is normal.

    I don't wanna talk much. Selamat menjadi askar, pegawai kadet.
    Anonymous said...
    hopefully u will become a good pegawai kadet insyaallah.
    Sollehudin Sapari said...
    jangan jadi pegawai yang berlagak k..beza pangkat di dunia je..tapi kat mata allah kita semua 1 level jer..yang membezakan kita adalah iman..anda nak kejar mana? dunia atau akhirat? tepuk dada tanya iman..
    Suhaib said...
    btol2.. insyaAllah kte akan jadi pegawai2 yg merendahkan diri dan sentiasa beriman kepada Allah..
    Mahadher Cucu Tok AWang said...
    Selamat "berkayuh perahu"... :)
    Syafira Saufi said...
    salam. i will attend the foundation of economics and management science this june at gombak campus. i would like to know if a cfs student is also eligible to join palapes as well. thank you :D
    Honey IsyQi said...
    Assalamualaikum, juz nak tego sket, dont make a huge border between privates and officers, no need la to mention about salute2 tu.. we r juz askar simpanan if compared to them, lagi byk pengalaman..if u become officer, will realize that salutation tu tak penting pon.. most important thing is respect from the others, and how u manage n handle problem, tasks or any event, your juniors and org2 pangkat besar..gud luck!!

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