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McLEAD over!

The camp is over. It taught me a lot, about being a president of a club and all. I also learnt about event management and protocols, doing a proposal, oh and also basic table ethics.

Basic table ethics was an interesting session. Who knew there were many types of forks, knives and spoon. There are dinner forks and fish forks? BB (bread and butter) knives, dinner knives, fish knives, steak knives? Soup spoon, dessert spoon? I also learnt that when u're in a fine-dining restaurant, u can't finish u're water before the waiter refills it. Let it 3/4 empty then the waiter is gonna come and refill it. Never let the goblet empty. Its kinda being rude to the host? Yup that's what the speaker said.

My club has to send a proposal to the Student Activities Department to organise a program coming this 9th August.. Arabic Debate Demonstration. The members of the club are going to do the debate.

Here are a few pics from the camp..

On the swing with my dormmate and vice-president of FSCC, Redza

My group during the camp. We won 4th place for 'Team Building"! There were 10 groups.

Left: President of Arabic Debate Club, Suhaib :)
Right: Vice President of Arabic Debate Club, Muqlis

Now that the camp is over. I have to retake all the midterm exams i missed.. starting with accounting tomorrow night. A lot of my friends said midterm accounting was not as tough as the quizzes.. But i will not do the same paper as they did.. Who knew that they have a backup paper -.-
Still don't know when am i gonna retake FIM and Arabic. ISM (IT) midterm this 31st.

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Just finished statistics exam just now at 5pm. Wasn't that difficult. The structure of the question is similar to the quiz that madam gave us. Maybe it can be said that she indirectly leaked the question to us? But that's good! :))

Not going back this weekend :/ Decided to just stay here and study. If i go home i can 100% assure u that i'm not gonna touch any books. Too many distractions at home. TV, food, comfy bed, bros playing games (make me wanna join em :0) and of course parents calling me to tutor their child. Not that i don't like tutoring them. I enjoy it but it kinda pulls me away from using my weekend time, that is to use it for my own personal time, rest and study.

Next exam is Maths on Tuesday. I'm prepared i guess :)

On 22nd to 25th, I will be going for a camp called McLead camp. The full name of the camp is the title of this post. Every president and vice president of all clubs in CFS have to attend this camp sponsored by STAD. It's gonna be at Ulu Langat. Rumors say we have to stay in tents. Been a long time since i've gone for a camp. Leadership camp during Form 4? Not sure. Camping is fun but sometimes i just prefer not to go.. Maybe because all of it is just so tiring..

I'm also suppose to have 3 exams during the camp; Accounting, Arab and FIM (Basic Themes of Al-Qur'an). Letters will be issued to my lecturers of those subjects by STAD, saying that they have to arrange a time later so that those who go for the camp can sit for the test. Maybe its a good thing because i will have more time to prepare? I can also ask tips from my friends who already sat for the test :D

Ok. Wish me all the best for my mid term exams :)

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It started last week. Tuesday. Just returned back to my dorm from my last class for the day. As i was dropping my bag on the ground, my phone rang. Anonymous caller whose number begins with 06. That's the Negeri Sembilan area telephone code. I've received calls like this before. They're from the IIUM office people. Maybe they want to inform me some problems with my admission here, matric no, pin no, etc.

The green button i pressed, and I was right, it was from the IIUM office people, the Leadership and Training Department (LTD) to be exact. They want to inform me that i have to attend a meeting tonight above "Restoran Kam Loi". It was because i registered myself to join the Arabic Debate club the week before. They were recruiting members so i told myself, "why not?" I think that it would be a fun and new experience for me. I also haven't enrolled in any clubs or societies yet.

So that night, I went to the meeting room above Kam Loi. There were not many people there at that time. I was feeling a bit awkward because I realized that i was the only guy there who was interested to join the Arabic debate. Others were either interested to join English or Malay debates (Yes i just realized too that it wasn't just an Arabic debate meeting). Many people keep coming in and i was praying that at least one of those guys are joining Arabic debate. Then, when the room has quite a few people in it, a fine middle-aged guy started talking in front and explaining to us what's the purpose of this meeting. He is the deputy dean of the Student Activities Department (STAD) by the way.

He said that they actually wanted to re-establish the CFS Nilai Debate Clubs because many of the previous debaters were Law students. FYI, starting this year all students who are doing Law program has been moved to the CFS PJ campus. So the purpose of this meeting is to elect the new presidents of the Debate Clubs.

The election begins with the Malay Debate. Three nominees were nominated. All of the nominees have to talk a bit about themselves before they stand behind the whiteboard so that they can't see who is voting. Short to say, Mustaqim, the person who sat beside me and who also happens to be my dorm neighbour, won the election and hence became the president of the Malay Debate Club. Then its the English Debate. Ata, (yes that's his name) the person that sat beside Mustaqim won the election. Both of them also happened to be roommates. Then it was the Arabic Debate's turn.

Mustaqim nominated me to be the president -.- I was like whatever. Its ok. No one is gonna vote for a nobody like me anyway. And then it was quiet. Everyone was looking from left to right to see if there are any other guys there who are into Arabic. There wasn't. I was the only male there who were into Arabic. I started panicking. Then because of this circumstance the deputy dean open the nomination to sisters. Two sisters were nominated. Then i have to talk a bit about myself. I was afraid if i should talk in which language. Then i decided to just talk in arabic.

I told them what's my name, where i'm from, what's my previous school and which program i'm taking. All of them are staring at me. Maybe they never thought a guy like me could speak arabic? Maybe they didn't understand a thing i just said? Then the two sisters also started talking about themselves in arabic. Then i went behind the whiteboard and the two sisters left the room.

I was seriously panicking. President? Arabic? Debate Club? I started asking myself what does this all mean? What does a president of a club do? I have never been nominated to be in such a high position of a club in my life before. And my arabic isn't that great. I'm level 1 for God's Sake. And Debate? I only participated in an arabic debate once in my life. I don't think that experience is enough for me to become a president of the club. My feeling got worse when a guy, who i can see by the side of the whiteboard, was showing two thumbs up to me -.-

Then they called me back in. I was told by the the deputy dean that i have become the president of the Arabic Debate club. Hearing those words is like.. a lightning has strucked right beside my ear. The whole world is coming to an end. I want to jump off the window. This is all just a big misunderstanding. I knew it. Of course all the people there would vote for a guy to be the president. And for SOME REASON I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M THE ONLY GUY THERE!? Where are the other people from program BAR (Bachelor in Arabic) or IRK (Islamic Revealed Knowledge)?? I just feel that i'm really not the guy to be a president of something. I don't really expose myself to all this. I just wanna be a member, not a leader.

After hearing that, I smiled to all the people there and said "Shukran!". They have no idea how i was feeling inside. They thought i was cool with it. Because my outer expression is always cool...

After all the election of presidents has ended, the guy asked us to split and sit in our own debate clubs. So there i was sitting in a circle with 9 sisters...

(To be continued.... Heheh.. This post is too long already)

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Time Flies

Hmm.. It's been a tiring week. Gonna get worse for the next couple of weeks... because of.. Mid-term exam!!

I seriously thought i've only been here just for like.. i don't know.. very short while? Never crossed my mind that the middle of the semester is already gonna arrive. I'm doing 2 sems for foundation so in other words quarter of my foundation life is gonna be over. Quarter is a lot right? Its like.. one...fourth.. of.. a thing.

Well ok. I actually still got an assignment that i should be working on now. Yes the assignments keep on coming. This is student life i guess. The stress is on.

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I have so much assignments coming in!! I'm not even sure if i have enough time to write this post. I just realised that me and my 2 group members have to do like a small scrap book about a chapter in our Maths syllabus and to be passed up on Thursday!! That's 2 days from now! We haven't start a single thing yet!

I also got an individual assignment for computer class. Got to edit a text, do a flyer for my university Open Day and also my job resume for a company all using OpenOffice writer. Thats a 3 in 1 assignment weeee!! Got to send all of this to her by e-mail latest by this week!

For Basic Themes of Al-Qur'an class i'm paired up with a 2nd year guy and we have to download a book from the internet, read it, then present it to the whole class about our review of the book. This one maybe we got to present maybe in 3 weeks time. But still @.@ Book review..

I think this will be my last post for this week. Wish me all the best for my assignments! May those who have assignments too may Allah make it easy for you InshaAllah.

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Salam. It's hard to get satisfied with the layout of your site. You might like it today. You might hate it tomorrow. Just like celebrities in love. I changed my layout 3-4 times already this week. I'm not sure if i can find the right one yet that fits my theme, Student life. I was thinking like maybe a panoramic background of a university campus; garden, fields, buildings, etc. Lol I was imagining IIUM Gombak Campus while typing that.

So i asked my sis. She has a great blog at wordpress. Her layout and everything mostly she did by herself using HTML/CSS coding and stuff. I asked her if she can do one layout for me that abides by my theme. She said that she has never designed layouts for blogspot before so she can't help me. She gave me a link to a site that has wordpress layouts that has been modified so that blogspot users can use it as their layout as well. This layout you're seeing right now is one of those layouts i found. Comment on it. I might change this layout because it still got nothing to do with my theme. I just like the plain-ness.

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Saturday Driving

Salam. Didn't have any tuition today and my mum is at Sabah. That means today i'm free like a bird and i got my mum's car all to myself! Let's see where i drove to today..

Departing Time; Departing From; Destination. Details

0830; Sering Ukay; Adni Islamic School. Started off with driving my bros to school. They had extra class.

0840; Adni Islamic School: Sering Ukay. Drove back home.

1040; Sering Ukay; Bangi Kopitiam Melawati. Had breakfast with new friends from Al-Amin :)

1200; Bangi Kopitiam Melawati; Sering Ukay. Drove back home.

1255; Home; Adni Islamic School. Went there again to fetch my bros from extra class. Coincidentally met with a friend, Amirul Afiq, glamour name, Jawa. Last seen him during the receiving of SPM results.

1305; Adni Islamic School; Sering Ukay. Drove back home.

1350; Sering Ukay; Zooview. Drove there with Hakim to fetch Mujahid.

1400; Zooview; KLCC. Planned to watch Knight and Day which was screening at 3pm. Didn't make it. Jam at MRR2 "macam haram". Had lunch at Sushi King. Bought Mujahid a birthday present, an MP3 Player! Hope u enjoy it man :) Had a drink at San Francisco.

1815; KLCC; Zooview. Dropped off Mujahid at his house after Solat Asar at Masjid Ar-Ridhwan.

1850; Zooview; TTDI. Drove with Hakim to his house. He invited me to join him with his family to go out somewhere in KL.

2050; TTDI; Sering Ukay. Drove from Hakim's house to home. Hakim's with me because he motorbike is at my place and he needs to drive it back to his home.

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5 Hours Left??

Salam. I'm officially obsessed with the Internet. I just checked my Murni Hotspot status and i'm currently have 5 Hours 7 Minutes and 23 Seconds left!!* I thought the 18 hours could last for like 2 weeks but it does't seem thats happening. How do i budget my internet time? I mean there's so much stuff to do on the internet!

I don't think Internet obsession is really good especially for a student. It takes away a lot of u're free time when u could use that time for other purposes like studying or reading.

If i'm gonna make the 18 hours last for 2 weeks, (i stayback here on weekends sometimes) so i guess thats around 1 and a half hour everyday? 1.5 hour a day is enough right? I gotta teach myself to do a lot of internet saving. I'm already practicing some like when i'm typing this post right now, I'm not connected to the internet because u don't require internet to type. Just need to login back to Murni when i'm about to publish this post.

Hmmm.. anymore ideas on how i can do some internet saving?

*Confused? Read one of my previous posts entitled Murni Hotspot.

P/S: I got a chatbox now on my blog on the side bar. Feel free to talk or ask about anything. Yes, anything.

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May Allah Bless This Soul!

Salam. This is my first time posting 2 posts on the same day x) I have so much to talk about!

After i wrote my previous post about fasting, i went to class. Math. We went through radicals. We used to call them surds in O levels. Well its just the same thing. Just like any other chapters in maths.. tough at first.. but with tons of practice.. u can fly?

Class ended a few minutes before 4. It was raining. Not that heavy as yesterday though. I wasn't as lucky enough like as i was yesterday. Yesterday class finished a bit early so i avoided the rain! So i walked through the rain back to the dorm. At around 5, the sky subsided. Some of my friends wanted to go play futsal with their usrah group and i asked if i can join them and they said no prob!

So we walked to the Majlis Perbandaran Nilai (MPN) building at the corner of our campus. Its actually a recreational and sports place. U can play football, futsal and many other sports there. I haven't fully explored the whole place yet so i don't know much.. So we played 2 matches.. Had a lot of fun. After the game we had an usrah discussion. I left early because there is actually someone waiting 4 me at the mamak shop at my dorm.

I'll refer to that someone as 'they' because they don't want to be known. It is allowed in english to use 'they' even if u're referring to a single person. It is to hide their gender identity. Ok back to the story, actually they went to KFC before i went for futsal. They invited me to join them to have KFC but i'm fasting so i declined but just told them a joke to eat 1 Snack Plate for me x) Than they offered to treat me a takeaway snack plate! Hahah they are so nice and i was craving for KFC so i gladly accepted!

During the usrah discussion, i received a text from them saying that they have returned back from KFC and would like to pass the food to me. Their dorm is quite far from my dorm but they're in front of my dorm already. I was in an awkward situation because it'll be very rude to just leave the discussion like that and i don't want 'them' to keep waiting for me to pass the food! So i slowly replied and said to them to just wait for me somewhere. Then they replied and said that they're waiting at Restoran Hijaz (mamak shop). I was hoping the usrah would end anytime soon but it didn't! There's this one guy who just keeps talking and talking! He has already given the lines to denote the end of a speech but he still talked! I'm not saying its bad or anything.. He's talking about good stuff.. Its just me. I just can't stand the guilt of having someone waiting 4 me..

After like 20 minutes, i just can't take it anymore so i boldly raised my hand and asked if i can be excused. And then the guy who was talking said "oh ok" so i shook hand with all of the people who were playing futsal just now (15 people) and i just ran to the exit of MPN and towards back to my dorm. After like about 6-7 minutes. I met them hanging out with 2 of their friends at Hijaz and I also saw a Snack Plate set on the table heheh. So i said thanks and sorry to them because they waited for me for so long. Then i returned to my room.

I think most people have gone through this experience at least once in their life. Feeling the guilt of making others wait for u. Its like torture.


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Sunnah Fasting

Salam. Today's Thursday and as most of us know, it is sunnah to fast during this day of the week. Coincidentally today is also a day in the month of rejab and it is also sunnah to fast during the month of rejab. We can do an ibadah with 2 intentions (niyyah/niat) only if those two intentions are of the same hukum. Example, one is fasting today with the intention of doing the Thursday fasting AND the Rejab fasting. This is allowed because both of the intentions are from the same hukum which is SUNNAH. InsyaAllah the reward will also be higher than having just one intention. This works the same way with other ibadah like Solat. We can combine the intention of doing sunnah 2 rakaat after taking wudhu' and 2 rakaat tahiyyatul masjid with only one action that is doing the 2 rakkat solat. These are permissible just as long as the the 2 sunnah have the same ibadah act.

One can't combine 2 ibadah which have different hukum. Example, one is doing Solat Subuh but he has the intention of doing the obligatory (fardh/wajib) solat subuh and doing 2 rakaat sunnah qabliyyah subuh. This is NOT allowed in Islam as decided by most scholars because eventhough the acts of Solat Subuh and sunnah qabliyyah is the same; solat with 2 rakaats; the 2 intentions are of a different hukum, one wajib and one sunnah. This works the same way with fasting. One can't fast on Monday with the intention of replacing (qadha') a fast during last Ramadhan; which is wajib; and the intention of doing the Monday sunnah. Those two ibadah have the same ibadah act but different hukum.

Most Malaysians today fast on mondays and thursday with two intentions which one of them is to qadha' and the other is for the sunnah. It is not accepted in Islam and it is better for us to remove this practice from our daily life. It is recommended that we settle all our wajib replacement fasting first and then do the sunnah fasting aftwerwards. The wajib ibadah always have to be prioritized first before the sunnah ones.

I know some maybe will find it hard to cope with this but this is the law which most scholars has agreed with and we must abide by it. Any comments or disagreements or ke-tidak-puashati-an are welcomed in the comments.

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