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Just finished statistics exam just now at 5pm. Wasn't that difficult. The structure of the question is similar to the quiz that madam gave us. Maybe it can be said that she indirectly leaked the question to us? But that's good! :))

Not going back this weekend :/ Decided to just stay here and study. If i go home i can 100% assure u that i'm not gonna touch any books. Too many distractions at home. TV, food, comfy bed, bros playing games (make me wanna join em :0) and of course parents calling me to tutor their child. Not that i don't like tutoring them. I enjoy it but it kinda pulls me away from using my weekend time, that is to use it for my own personal time, rest and study.

Next exam is Maths on Tuesday. I'm prepared i guess :)

On 22nd to 25th, I will be going for a camp called McLead camp. The full name of the camp is the title of this post. Every president and vice president of all clubs in CFS have to attend this camp sponsored by STAD. It's gonna be at Ulu Langat. Rumors say we have to stay in tents. Been a long time since i've gone for a camp. Leadership camp during Form 4? Not sure. Camping is fun but sometimes i just prefer not to go.. Maybe because all of it is just so tiring..

I'm also suppose to have 3 exams during the camp; Accounting, Arab and FIM (Basic Themes of Al-Qur'an). Letters will be issued to my lecturers of those subjects by STAD, saying that they have to arrange a time later so that those who go for the camp can sit for the test. Maybe its a good thing because i will have more time to prepare? I can also ask tips from my friends who already sat for the test :D

Ok. Wish me all the best for my mid term exams :)

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  1. Ap said...
    gud lax
    Suhaib said...
    thx :)

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