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McLEAD over!

The camp is over. It taught me a lot, about being a president of a club and all. I also learnt about event management and protocols, doing a proposal, oh and also basic table ethics.

Basic table ethics was an interesting session. Who knew there were many types of forks, knives and spoon. There are dinner forks and fish forks? BB (bread and butter) knives, dinner knives, fish knives, steak knives? Soup spoon, dessert spoon? I also learnt that when u're in a fine-dining restaurant, u can't finish u're water before the waiter refills it. Let it 3/4 empty then the waiter is gonna come and refill it. Never let the goblet empty. Its kinda being rude to the host? Yup that's what the speaker said.

My club has to send a proposal to the Student Activities Department to organise a program coming this 9th August.. Arabic Debate Demonstration. The members of the club are going to do the debate.

Here are a few pics from the camp..

On the swing with my dormmate and vice-president of FSCC, Redza

My group during the camp. We won 4th place for 'Team Building"! There were 10 groups.

Left: President of Arabic Debate Club, Suhaib :)
Right: Vice President of Arabic Debate Club, Muqlis

Now that the camp is over. I have to retake all the midterm exams i missed.. starting with accounting tomorrow night. A lot of my friends said midterm accounting was not as tough as the quizzes.. But i will not do the same paper as they did.. Who knew that they have a backup paper -.-
Still don't know when am i gonna retake FIM and Arabic. ISM (IT) midterm this 31st.

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