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Everyone has felt this feeling. The feeling that disturbs the peace of our mind. Worry. I HATE that feeling SO MUCH!

That feeling just hit me a while ago. I was having fun at home. Just resting, playing games with my bro. Suddenly my mind just think forward, what's gonna happen next week.

Hmm.. Talking about academics.. I still gotta sit for 2 more midterm exams.. FIM and Arabic.. Got to revise on FIM and memorise some ayahs.. Got to read up a bit on the Arabic textbook for some vocabularies..

Other stuff like being the president of the arabic debate club.. The club got to hold a debate demonstration next next monday.. I still got to send the proposal.. Book the venue.. I got to be one of the debaters.. The content is not prepared yet..

The feeling spoils the mood. It turns smiles to frowns.

I wish that feeling never exists. If i have the opportunity to throw away one of my feelings, i would throw away "Worry".

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