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Assalamu'alaikum readers.

This is going to be just a short post. I just got home from a tiring day at PWTC and i opened my laptop to check mr e-mails as usual. And i received an e-mail from Khazanah!! The awaited e-mail telling me if i passed the first stage of the scholarship process which was the IQ test. I though I did really bad. Some parts of the IQ test was so tough!

So i clicked the e-mail and the first paragraph reads:

"Dear Candidate,

Following from the first stage of selection which you have attended, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to attend the Second Stage of the Khazanah Watan Scholarship Programme selection process."

I was so happy and most importantly thankful to Allah for giving me this opportunity. Alhamdulillah! :'D The second stage is the interview and some group work i think. I also have to write a 500 words essay titled: 

'Why the Khazanah Scholarship is for you and how you would contribute to the good governance practices and leadership development of Malaysia '.

Well I better start writing then! Wait maybe next week.. This week is and going to be a really hectic week for me. More on that on the next post!

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Assalamu'alaikum readers.

Last monday and tuesday i have been invited to become a facilitator (faci) for an english camp organized by my school, Adni Islamic School. The participants are 12 Thai students, 6 boys and 6 girls aged from 10-20. Yeah, not that many people. This camp is part of the annual program sponsored by my school. Every year my school chooses a few lucky Muslim Thai students all around the different parts of Thailand to study English at my school for one month. The english camp is held at a bungalow owned by the school at Jalan Damai.

All of the facis are Adni alumnis. They are my friends :) On monday morning we meet up at our school. I go there using my motorcycle. Still getting used to riding it :( They all went to the bungalow with Liyana's Myvi. I'm not sure where the bungalow is so i just tailed them using my motor. The jam in the morning was so bad that they are so slow and i can't have the patience to wait for them! Me and my motor just zoomed pass through the cars leaving Liyana's car behind and decided to just wait for them at Jalan Damai. And i did found the street and they arrived on the street just a short while after i did. So we arrived at the huge 2-storey bungalow with the swimming pool.
The Thai students :)

As soon as we arrive we waited for a few minutes for the head faci, Kak Nihlah, our senior to arrive. When she did, she said that the Thai students are going to arrive a little late. So while waiting for the students to come, we discussed and set up the first game for the Thai students which is Treasure Hunt! After we have placed all the clues and checkpoints all over the house, the Thai students arrived. They are a beautiful bunch :) We all have to introduce ourselves first before the first game starts. They also have been divided into three teams, red, blue and yellow.

During the treasure hunt, I have to become the checkpoint at upstairs. Before anyone can go upstairs to search for the next clue, they have to go through the challenge first. The challenge i was appointed to give them is a Crossword Puzzle! They have to finish the crossword before they can continue searching for their clues. The crossword is related to their Genting Highlands trip that they had last week. Overall they did good with the challenge though sometimes i have to help them with their spelling! :P

Some of the other challenges appointed to Liyana, Amalina and Sarah at other parts of the house were solving a Cryptogram and Tongue Twister! The tongue twister is pretty tough even for me :/ They have to memorize and repeat the tongue twister 5 times before they can pass. And for their last challenge, they have to get into the swimming pool to get 2 balloons and pop them! This challenge is the most enjoyable one because the boys have to get wet! Excluding me :P
The boys are afraid to get in the water!

Then at noon, we rested for a while, had lunch and prayed at the mosque right beside the bungalow. The next game was Giant Monopoly! Yep a Monopoly game with 12 players with big tiles, big dice and cups to represent each player! See for yourself at the picture. They are all done by the hardworking Kak Nihlah!

After As'r prayer the students have to go shopping at the supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner which is Spaghetti Bolognese! They went there with Liyana's and Kak Nihlah's cars. Kak Nihlah had to make 2 trips. After we had bought everything on the list, we went home and cooked spaghetti together! You might think that cooking is not a boys' job to do but they did really well in opening the cans and cutting the mushrooms! :P The girls pretty much did the rest :/

Sofron opening the can with a knife
Busrin, 10, our youngest participant is boiling the pasta
They enjoyed their cooking!
After a delicious dinner, theres still some time before Maghrib prayer so the boys and I played ball at the field. We had fun playing Monkey until the ball accidentally got tossed up on the bungalow's roof!

After Maghrib prayer, another faci came to help which is Adam! He's a junior of mine. We played scrabble with the students. We had a lot of scrabble sets so each team gets one scrabble set with one faci accompanying them. The students did great job at this game :)

Then after Isha' prayer we watched a movie, Meet The Robinsons! We have a laptop connected to the projector and the room was cold so it was a perfect moment for a movie! The students even made rootbeer floats for themselves! The students seem to enjoy the movie but I don't think they understand the movie plot even though with subtitles.. But it's alright :) And since the room where we watched the movie is also the room where the boys and I are going to sleep in, we decided to watch an action movie till we sleep and that movie is Terminator 2! The movie only got through halfway because i realized that all the boys are sleeping already at that time. So i switched off the projector and went to sleep myself.

We woke up at 6am for Fajr prayer. After some cleaning up in the bedroom and kitchen. The boys and I went for a swim all the way till 8.30am! We had a lot of fun in the water :) And then the rest of the day we didn't really follow the real tentative of the program for a couple of reasons. We just watched movies, played games on our laptops, continue playing scrabble, giant monopoly and many more. I went home right after the rain stopped around 6.30pm and the Thai students went back to their hostel at around 7pm.

The name of all the facis who helped with the camp :)
Overall, I had a lot of fun with the Thai students. Even though communicating with them is a bit difficult, but i guess thats what makes it special. :) We communicate with them with really basic english and even that is tough for them. Some of them came from southern Thailand so they can speak Kelantanese Malay and i can understand them a bit. We should be thankful that here in Malaysia that we are given english education and we can speak english decently. I asked them if they learnt english in Thailand and they said that they do learn it, but really little. Hopefully this annual program done by my school will help these kids to improve their english. And for me myself, it has been a great experience :)

Ok I need to get ready to go to PWTC now. I'm volunteering to help at a booth at the book fair. More on that on the next post :) Thanks for reading!

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Assalamu'alaikum readers :)

Alhamdulillah. I just viewed my online offer letter to continue my studies in BACC (Bachelor of Accounting) at IIUM Gombak Campus at Semester 1, 2011/2012 session. The semester starts at 6th September. So there's still not much to do at this point, besides filling the online biodata form, paying the fees and reading the admission booklet :/ Owh and we also received new matric numbers. Don't want to envy u guys but my number is sweeeet! 1111227. Yeah :)

About the BACC, it might not be the program that i will be majoring. I can still choose to major in Economics, Business Admin or Finance. Still thinking about the choices..

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Rumah blackout

Rumah blackout tiba2 malam tadi. rumah gelap n panas. apa lagi?
 bawak gitar gi bumbung lah. tp lg bes.. kalau ada.. teman..

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Salam readers. I have applied for many scholarships and i haven't got accepted into any except for this one. Khazanah Watan Scholarship Programme 2011 by Yayasan Khazanah. I applied for this scholarship a few weeks ago just as the usuals. Just the same way with how i applied for other scholarships. Found out about the scholarship at Some scholarships just have an online form so we just have to fill that out. And some require posting to certain places (which is really tedious).

Honestly I didn't expect to get the reply e-mail from them saying i was one of the candidates that were shortlisted. I was just on the verge of giving up on filling these scholarship forms. I got rejected all the time (tacitly or through e-mail). But then today right after i got home from going out with a friend, I opened my laptop, check my e-mails as usual and i saw the e-mail from Khazanah. I read the e-mail and i got that feeling. Happiness. My heart wasn't beating at it's normal rate for like an hour after i read that e-mail. I told my mom and forwarded the e-mail to my dad. They were happy for me.

I can't believe that this is really happening to me. I always wanted to get a scholarship. If i really do get this scholarship, it will really lift the weights above my parents shoulder financially to support me through my university life. I too will be benefited by getting the allowance. I wanna get a scholarship just like my sister did :)

Well, there's still a lot of things for me to do. I got to prepare a lot of documents and go to somewhere in KL Sentral this coming Wednesday to send in those documents to them and to have this "session" with them which is kinda vague in the e-mail. Is it an interview or something else I don't know. Hopefully I'll know soon enough.

I thank Allah for giving me this opportunity and insyaAllah to Guide me throughout this whole process. I also thank my parents because they're the one who keep pushing me and telling me to fill as many scholarship forms as possible! And thank u to all my friends for supporting me, and pray for me so that the process will go smoothly yea :)

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