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I have so much assignments coming in!! I'm not even sure if i have enough time to write this post. I just realised that me and my 2 group members have to do like a small scrap book about a chapter in our Maths syllabus and to be passed up on Thursday!! That's 2 days from now! We haven't start a single thing yet!

I also got an individual assignment for computer class. Got to edit a text, do a flyer for my university Open Day and also my job resume for a company all using OpenOffice writer. Thats a 3 in 1 assignment weeee!! Got to send all of this to her by e-mail latest by this week!

For Basic Themes of Al-Qur'an class i'm paired up with a 2nd year guy and we have to download a book from the internet, read it, then present it to the whole class about our review of the book. This one maybe we got to present maybe in 3 weeks time. But still @.@ Book review..

I think this will be my last post for this week. Wish me all the best for my assignments! May those who have assignments too may Allah make it easy for you InshaAllah.

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