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Salam. It's hard to get satisfied with the layout of your site. You might like it today. You might hate it tomorrow. Just like celebrities in love. I changed my layout 3-4 times already this week. I'm not sure if i can find the right one yet that fits my theme, Student life. I was thinking like maybe a panoramic background of a university campus; garden, fields, buildings, etc. Lol I was imagining IIUM Gombak Campus while typing that.

So i asked my sis. She has a great blog at wordpress. Her layout and everything mostly she did by herself using HTML/CSS coding and stuff. I asked her if she can do one layout for me that abides by my theme. She said that she has never designed layouts for blogspot before so she can't help me. She gave me a link to a site that has wordpress layouts that has been modified so that blogspot users can use it as their layout as well. This layout you're seeing right now is one of those layouts i found. Comment on it. I might change this layout because it still got nothing to do with my theme. I just like the plain-ness.

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