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Saturday Driving

Salam. Didn't have any tuition today and my mum is at Sabah. That means today i'm free like a bird and i got my mum's car all to myself! Let's see where i drove to today..

Departing Time; Departing From; Destination. Details

0830; Sering Ukay; Adni Islamic School. Started off with driving my bros to school. They had extra class.

0840; Adni Islamic School: Sering Ukay. Drove back home.

1040; Sering Ukay; Bangi Kopitiam Melawati. Had breakfast with new friends from Al-Amin :)

1200; Bangi Kopitiam Melawati; Sering Ukay. Drove back home.

1255; Home; Adni Islamic School. Went there again to fetch my bros from extra class. Coincidentally met with a friend, Amirul Afiq, glamour name, Jawa. Last seen him during the receiving of SPM results.

1305; Adni Islamic School; Sering Ukay. Drove back home.

1350; Sering Ukay; Zooview. Drove there with Hakim to fetch Mujahid.

1400; Zooview; KLCC. Planned to watch Knight and Day which was screening at 3pm. Didn't make it. Jam at MRR2 "macam haram". Had lunch at Sushi King. Bought Mujahid a birthday present, an MP3 Player! Hope u enjoy it man :) Had a drink at San Francisco.

1815; KLCC; Zooview. Dropped off Mujahid at his house after Solat Asar at Masjid Ar-Ridhwan.

1850; Zooview; TTDI. Drove with Hakim to his house. He invited me to join him with his family to go out somewhere in KL.

2050; TTDI; Sering Ukay. Drove from Hakim's house to home. Hakim's with me because he motorbike is at my place and he needs to drive it back to his home.

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