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5 Hours Left??

Salam. I'm officially obsessed with the Internet. I just checked my Murni Hotspot status and i'm currently have 5 Hours 7 Minutes and 23 Seconds left!!* I thought the 18 hours could last for like 2 weeks but it does't seem thats happening. How do i budget my internet time? I mean there's so much stuff to do on the internet!

I don't think Internet obsession is really good especially for a student. It takes away a lot of u're free time when u could use that time for other purposes like studying or reading.

If i'm gonna make the 18 hours last for 2 weeks, (i stayback here on weekends sometimes) so i guess thats around 1 and a half hour everyday? 1.5 hour a day is enough right? I gotta teach myself to do a lot of internet saving. I'm already practicing some like when i'm typing this post right now, I'm not connected to the internet because u don't require internet to type. Just need to login back to Murni when i'm about to publish this post.

Hmmm.. anymore ideas on how i can do some internet saving?

*Confused? Read one of my previous posts entitled Murni Hotspot.

P/S: I got a chatbox now on my blog on the side bar. Feel free to talk or ask about anything. Yes, anything.

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