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May Allah Bless This Soul!

Salam. This is my first time posting 2 posts on the same day x) I have so much to talk about!

After i wrote my previous post about fasting, i went to class. Math. We went through radicals. We used to call them surds in O levels. Well its just the same thing. Just like any other chapters in maths.. tough at first.. but with tons of practice.. u can fly?

Class ended a few minutes before 4. It was raining. Not that heavy as yesterday though. I wasn't as lucky enough like as i was yesterday. Yesterday class finished a bit early so i avoided the rain! So i walked through the rain back to the dorm. At around 5, the sky subsided. Some of my friends wanted to go play futsal with their usrah group and i asked if i can join them and they said no prob!

So we walked to the Majlis Perbandaran Nilai (MPN) building at the corner of our campus. Its actually a recreational and sports place. U can play football, futsal and many other sports there. I haven't fully explored the whole place yet so i don't know much.. So we played 2 matches.. Had a lot of fun. After the game we had an usrah discussion. I left early because there is actually someone waiting 4 me at the mamak shop at my dorm.

I'll refer to that someone as 'they' because they don't want to be known. It is allowed in english to use 'they' even if u're referring to a single person. It is to hide their gender identity. Ok back to the story, actually they went to KFC before i went for futsal. They invited me to join them to have KFC but i'm fasting so i declined but just told them a joke to eat 1 Snack Plate for me x) Than they offered to treat me a takeaway snack plate! Hahah they are so nice and i was craving for KFC so i gladly accepted!

During the usrah discussion, i received a text from them saying that they have returned back from KFC and would like to pass the food to me. Their dorm is quite far from my dorm but they're in front of my dorm already. I was in an awkward situation because it'll be very rude to just leave the discussion like that and i don't want 'them' to keep waiting for me to pass the food! So i slowly replied and said to them to just wait for me somewhere. Then they replied and said that they're waiting at Restoran Hijaz (mamak shop). I was hoping the usrah would end anytime soon but it didn't! There's this one guy who just keeps talking and talking! He has already given the lines to denote the end of a speech but he still talked! I'm not saying its bad or anything.. He's talking about good stuff.. Its just me. I just can't stand the guilt of having someone waiting 4 me..

After like 20 minutes, i just can't take it anymore so i boldly raised my hand and asked if i can be excused. And then the guy who was talking said "oh ok" so i shook hand with all of the people who were playing futsal just now (15 people) and i just ran to the exit of MPN and towards back to my dorm. After like about 6-7 minutes. I met them hanging out with 2 of their friends at Hijaz and I also saw a Snack Plate set on the table heheh. So i said thanks and sorry to them because they waited for me for so long. Then i returned to my room.

I think most people have gone through this experience at least once in their life. Feeling the guilt of making others wait for u. Its like torture.


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