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Assalamu'alaikum readers.

All IPTA students of Malaysia has to take Malaysian University English Test (MUET) before they graduate in their studies. There are 4 papers in this exam, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. This morning was Mujahid's and my Speaking Test. Luckily we managed to get the same institute that is, SMK Tinggi Setapak which is located at Jalan Ayer Jerneh.

We woke up early, drove and arrived there at 7.00am, half an hour earlier than the stated time. We went in the school and there was a nice indian teacher who lead us to the test venue, which is one of the classrooms. We sat there and waited for a while. We spoke with a few malay guys. They were studying from many different universities, UNISEL, UTM, UITM.

A few minutes later and an examiner came in, she divided us into groups and Alhamdulillah me and mujahid are in the FIRST group with the other 2 malay guys. I'm really thankful that I got guys to be my groupmates. It will be really awkward to have a group discussion with girls u never even met. I'm also thankful that we're the first group to do the test, so we can leave early.

We have to give up our handphones and soon we got called in the exam room. We sat down at our seats. The question paper was taped to the desk. We were given 1 minute to read both questions, Task A and Task B. I don't remember the exact question but it's something like this, "What is the best method for youth to express his/her feelings?" Candidate A has to support the method "Face to Face", candidate B, "Short Messaging Services (SMS)", candidate C, "Social Networking Sites" and candidate D, "a telephone call".

I was candidate C. Once again Alhamdulillah i got a topic where i'm actually proficient at. For Task A, we have to talk for only 2 minutes, explaining about the points that support the method, beginning with candidate A. While candidate A and B were speaking, I was listening to them and maybe i can find some points for my talk later. Not long later, it was my turn. I was quite nervous but i think i managed to speak up my points and made the examiner and the other candidates understand what i have to say.

Then it was Task B. We were given 10 minutes to discuss with each other on which is the best method for youth to express his/her feelings. It started a bit awkward but the momentum of the conversation increases with time. We argued (in a good way) among ourselves supporting our points. The examiners were observing closely to each one of us throughout the process. We got a bit carried away at the end that the examiner has to interrupt to tell us that it is already time that we have to conclude our discussion. In the end, majority of us think that face to face is the best method for youth to express his feelings. So that's it for Speaking Test. We thanked the examiners and left the room and Mujahid and I went back to UIA.

Overall, i think that it went way better than what i had thought in mind. I did my best and I should just concentrate on my next papers (even though its a one month gap till the next 3 papers >.>). For those who haven't done MUET but will do soon, just be confident in ur speech and u can succeed with ease on this paper! Ok thanks for reading readers. Salam :)

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