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Yeshh.. I'm finally home. The last time i went home is 4 weeks ago. So that makes 4 weeks my longest record of not-going-home so far as i'm a student in cfs :D This is also my second time going back home during this semester. Yeah2 so some of u might say, "4 weeks only?? I never went home even once during this whole sem!!". Well I happened to live in Ampang which is only 30-45 minutes from Nilai!! So that's my best excuse for my frequency of going home :)

Owwkay.. so in this post i want to tell u why on some weekends i go home and why some weekends i prefer to stay at campus.

Our eldest cat, Fifty, tidur
ter-kangkang dengan bantal
peluk dia
At Home

  1. Family. Yeah obviously home is where family is. My mom, brothers and our maid who have been with us for almost (or over) 15 years i believe. Nothing's better than spending time with my family :)
  2. My cats!! I love my cats! I have five of them. Everytime i go home, they will come to me, jump on my lap and expect me to cuddle them. If u show love and affection to animals, they will show love and affection to u :) 
  3. Free and High-speed internet! Yup i'm talking about Streamyx. Of course when i say free i meant there is no cost for me using it :) Comparing than when i have to pay RM10 for 18 hours of slow Murni Hotspot :/ At home is usually where i download movies, watch youtube, chatting, play online games and all other.. internet... stuff...
There are lots more reasons why i like to stay at home like meeting with friends, etc, but i'd like to keep this post nice and short :)

At Campus

  1. Studies. This is the major reason why i prefer to stay at campus. This is where i study, revise, read and do assignments. Don't expect me to open my books at home because there are too many distractions at home, for me that is. Some people prefer to study at home but i really don't get them. Sorry >.<
  2. The feeling of being independent. Yeah at campus, u're away from ur family, u're economically independent for the weekends, U got to buy your own food, do your own laundry and stuff like that. And i kinda like being independent because u're not gonna stay with ur family for the rest of ur life right?
Ok. I have to admit that i don't have any other reasons for staying at campus besides these 2 reasons.. But we are students right? Studies have to be our no.1 priority at this time :) After i have completed this sem i will be having holiday for HALF A YEAR! I will enjoy my stay at home during that period. Just a few more weeks of study pressure and then I'm freeeeeee!!

Ok bye. Salam. And thanks for reading :)

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