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One more mid-term paper!

I am now enjoying a hot cup of Maggi curry flavoured because Alhamdulillah I am left with only one more mid-term paper! Just finished Maths 2 paper a few hours ago. It's not as easy as the exercises in past year questions, but its bearable :) I managed to answer all the questions. I was stuck at answering this one question!! I took like 15 minutes staring at it! At the last minute before the exam finishes, it struck me. Oooo. It requires the knowledge of conjugating the fraction so that the square roots at the numerator can be removed! YEAH I'm nerd! That method never crossed my mind until the last minute of the exam -.- Maybe Allah is trying to tell me something. Maybe its because i always perform my prayers late, hence the Ilham too comes to me late.. Oook don't need to believe in that.

Economics paper last Monday was Oww Kayy... No seriously. Easier than i imagined it. And i was a bit relieved because right after the exam finishes and we have submitted our papers to the front, a lecturer lent the ANSWER SCHEME to my friend who is sitting in front of me. He peeked through the paper so i wanted to peek too! Then i asked the paper from him and he gave it to me. I looked through the answers for MCQ and Alhamdulillah! I got 9/10! Our mcq for this paper carries 2 marks each. So that already assures me that i at least have gotten 18/40 for the econs mid-term paper. Yeah!! I didn't have time to look at the rest of the answers because the lecturer already wanted the answer scheme back :(

Understanding Islam last Monday was kind of a pain in the N-E-C-K! And i thought Economics was my weakest course this sem. But this paper made me feel that UI is the toughest course!! The MCQ part was ok... but the TRUE and FALSE part!! We didn't just have to write if the statement is TRUE or FALSE, but we also have to justify it! It was already hard trying to state if the statement is TRUE OR FALSE!! Haih.. Just wish me all the best with this course guys..

Accounting is a bit relief. Its one of our earliest mid term paper. So my group have gotten back the results!! and Alhamdulillah i got 53/60 (86%). Two girls share the highest mark of 87% Damn!! A little bit more.. I'm not worrying much about my accounting because i already learnt most of our accounting syllabus in English during my high-school.. Accounting is just like revision to me here at cfs.. Weee~

My last paper tomorrow is going to be Computer 2 practical. My venue will be at Lab 2 at 3.15pm. Computer 2 is a privilege only to Econs students hehehe. And i think it is way easier than Comp 1. Comp 1 requires a lot of reading and memorising.. Comp 2 is more to hands-on stuff. I like! In Comp 2 we only work using MS Office Access 2007. Doing database stuff. Quite simple because i already learn using Access in high-school as well. The mid-term for computer 2 comprises of two papers, written and practical. Practical is going to be on tomorrow. We already did written last 2 weeks and my group have gotten back the results! I'm proud to say that i got the highest in class of 54/60!!! Hahahah i'm so happy!!

All right. I have finished my Maggi Hot Cup and my throat is feeling sore. You know that feeling you got in your throat when u drank the Maggi Curry soup too much? Yeah that one. Ok i got to go do a bit more exercise on computer. Wish me all the best. And Happy Holidays to all my CFS friends!! Most of my friends are already celebrating their mid-break  -.- Only a few econs students who are graduating this sem have Comp 2 tomorrow. Oh well. The good thing is we're going to graduate before u guys! HAHAHA!! Ok Bye. Salam :)

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  1. sakinahshokri said...
    maggi is not good ! stop eat that thing or you will botak -___-
    Suhaib said...
    alaaa. sekali sekala ja.. dah sebulan x mkn maggi.. huhu...
    Mujahid said...
    Nur Sakinah As-Shokri said...
    ceh, sbulan jaa kot -____-
    Suhaib said...
    sebulan is a LOOOOOOOONG TIME!!!!

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