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Me and Music

I have a hidden interest. I like to play music. Currently i can play the keyboard and guitar. Decent skills on the former but only basic skills on the latter..

I started playing the keyboard during Form 3 i believe.. My elder brother started playing the keyboard first and as i listen to him playing it, the nice rhythm and all, me myself got interested in playing the keyboard! So i started playing it and my bro teaches me a bit too but mostly i learn by myself.. That's why u have the Internet right?? U can find enormous amounts of tutorials and guides to play musical instruments on the net. I never go to music classes nor pay for any.

The keyboard me n my younger bro bought.
My elder bro has his own keyboard. So everytime i want to play the keyboard i have to use his.. Its kinda troublesome for him so i wanted my own keyboard as well.. But at that time i was just a highschool student.. I don't have the money. So me and my younger brother (he's interested to play the keyboard as well) save up money and bought a Yamaha keyboard. I actually kinda borrowed some from my mum.. Its a decent keyboard with a lot of functions, voices and song bank. They keyboard itself can teach me to play songs!

Well for guitar.. I was exposed to it maybe somewhere during Form 3 as well.. My best friend Mujahid he's a real guitar metalhead. He's the best guitar player i've ever seen in real life. When i go to his house he occasionally teaches me how to play it and all. I think its way harder to play the guitar comparing to play the keyboard.. So i was late at catching up on the picking and fretting and the strumming and all..

I didn't have my own guitar until i arrive at University here, my first semester. I was really bored at dorm.. Everytime i come back from class, and then nothing to do at dorm.. So i decided to nurture a skill throughout my life here at Nilai.. At the beginning of my first sem I bought a purple-coloured guitar at a nearby music shop for RM180 inclusive of the RM20 bag. It was the cheapest decent acoustic guitar at the shop. So from the day i bought the guitar until now, i've been practicing playing it. Learning the basics is quite difficult.. But the good thing is i have a Sifu! Mujahid also happens to be my dormmate here! He teaches me throughout the way and i can now play and strum the basic chords! I can also play some simple solos. But the goreng2 and all not yet.. I can't even do bar chords yet. But its a progress!

Oh wow tonight became really unexpected. I volunteered myself to be in a Nasyid group. At first i was chosen to play the guitar but then they found out that i was better at playing the keyboard so i ended up playing the keyboard while a 2nd year senior plays the guitar. What do u guys expect? Me vocals?? Bluek.. He also happens to be the leader of the nasyid group. The training just now was good. I already know most of the chords that i'm going to play for their song. And its great :D

There will be a Nasyid competition this saturday. And there will be a cash prize for winning the competition!! I was kinda angry because i was shortnoticed.. but its ok.. I'm kinda anxious actually :X This will be the first time i disclose my musical talents in front of an audience. I play music more because of a personal interest. I never once thought that i would be performing in front of an audience @.@

I don't want music to interfere with my career.. I wanna be an Islamic Financial Planner insyaAllah. Music is just a side interest. U know.. things u do when u get bored or during your free time.. Oh or maybe i could be a part-time musician?? Hahahahah......

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  1. sakinahshokri said...
    haha, so all the best to you in planning your life and yr career :)
    Anonymous said...
    o me God..
    i never knew this before!
    i love playin keyboard too but no one loves listening to me playin!
    Suhaib said...
    sakinah: Thanks :D

    pqah: Hahah sbb ko busuk sangat! :P
    Mujahid said...
    HOHOHO, aku sifu ko ;D
    bow down and offer me a sacrifice.
    Suhaib said...
    a sacrifice?? how does a hedgehog sound :)
    Anonymous said...
    1. ko la busuk!
    2. Yea...hedgehog is da best sacrifice eva
    Suhaib said...
    which reminds me i want it back! in exchange for the keyboard!

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