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2nd Semester Mid-term

My first mid-term paper which is QKM2243: Accounting 2 will be held in less than 4 hours!! And i still have the time to write a short blog post! Heheheh.

So it's mid-term already?? That was fast. I've been here for 7 weeks already but i didn't realize it. It also means than three quarters of my time here at cfs is going to be over. Only a quarter way to go.. Time flies by so fast.. I need to spend my time more wisely while i'm here..

Ok that's all for now (I told u it's a short post). I need to do a last minute study a bit for my accounting.. All the best to all of my other friends who are having their Mid-term as well! :D

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  1. Anonymous said...
    huwaa...x maw exam..

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