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Story Time

I want to share with u guys a story.

I befriended someone. I would like to refer her as 'Nur'. Nur is a really nice person. The way we knew each other is kinda complicated. But that's unimportant.

We became close friends very quickly. We chatted a lot. She shared some of her secrets to me. Sometimes just a little too detailed. Haha. I always give advices to her whenever she has problems. And the most important thing, we trusted each other. She's not like anyone i have ever befriended before. I was a very good friend to her and she was a very good friend to me.

One night, we were chatting through YM. We were online till late night. 2am+. We were chatting about a lot of random stuff. And i always tease her of one thing. Her crush. She has a crush on a friend of mine. For quite a long time already actually. A very close friend of mine too. I would like to refer him as 'Mat'. She's very shy around Mat. You know, just like any teenage girl who's having a crush on a guy. They apparently knew each other but she never had the courage to tell him how she feels about him.

So as usual i kept telling Nur that she could start by adding Mat on facebook or ym or windows live and get to know more about each other. Talking about windows live, i opened it just to see who's online at this hour. As i about to log in, i saw that Mat left his username and password saved on my laptop! He must've accidentally saved his password while he was using my laptop last time.

So there i was. In front of my laptop with Mat's windows live username and password. I could take this opportunity to land the biggest prank on Nur. Just for the laughs. So i logged in to his account and immediately added Nur's ym email. When i added her through Mat's account, she immediately sent me a message on YM saying "OMG HE ADDED ME!!". My myself can't stop laughing to her reaction. She asked "What should i do??". And i said "Just accept the request lah!".

So she accepted the request and i immediately used Mat's account to chat with her. I typed "Hi". And she replied "Hi...". She bumped the 'real' me on ym saying "I can't believe this is happening!!". And i just kept on laughing and laughing!! I replied to her "It's ok everything'll be fine.. Just chat with him just as how u chat with everyone else.."

I used Mat's account and chatted with her like normal people chat with each other UNTIL i decided to do something more drastic.. I typed "Nur.. I got something to tell u...". She replied "Yes.. mat..?". She also wrote to my ym, "OMG he said my name and is telling me something!!". I laughed again so hard! I didn't reply to that but instead continued using Mat's account. "I actually have feelings for u Nur.. Since the first time i met u.. I fell for u..".

There was a moment of awkward silence there.. She didn't reply to my ym or Mat's windows live for like one whole minute. She wrote to Mat, "Why didn't u tell me earlier..". I couldn't stop myself from cracking up so hard!!! I almost literally ROFL!! So i decided that's it. I can't continue the prank anymore. I gotta tell her that Mat is actually me. So i replied to Nur using Mat's windows live, "Nur... This is not Mat.." And i continued on my own ym, "I just pranked u Nur! Hahahahahahahahah!! Sorry i can't handle it, his windows live's username and password was on my laptop!"

A bit of silence moment there.. and then she replied, "u.. u.. how DARE u did that to me?!" I replied, "Huh?". "I can't believe that u're actually my friend!". I was shocked as hell. I replied, "Hey2 i was just joking ok?" She continued, "I trusted u.. I can't believe u did this to me.." I was so shocked that i didn't know what was going on, i was just staring at my computer screen. "U lied to me. I can't believe u lied to me. I hate u. I hate u. I hate u. I hate u. I should've known it was u. There was no way Mat would confess to me.."

I said to my self, "Oh no.. oh no.. this is not supposed to be happening.. it was all supposed to be just a joke.. what have i done.. i messed around with her feelings.. oh no.." I replied to her, "Nur.. I'm so sorry i didn't mean it.." She replied, "Can i ask u something?? Why did u do it?? Why did u have to do it?? U like to play around with my feelings??". "No Nur.. I would never do that to u.. I just wanna do a little bit of joke that's all..". " Yeah. Right. It was SO funny. U don't understand how i feel at all do u??"

I felt so bad that i immediately went offline, closed my laptop, switched off the lights and tried to sleep. I can't stand it. What i've done was so wrong.. That night became a sleepless one.. I contemplated on what i just did to her.. I messed around with her feelings and more than that. I laughed at her. No. I didn't mean to laugh at her like that.. I just gave her hope that her crush confessed to her and i just took it away just like that.. I lied to her.. I'm a bad person.. A really bad person.. Worse than a beast. That's the worst thing i have ever done to anyone in my life..

"How could i do that? What was i thinking?" i said to myself. I just lost one of my close-est friend in just a matter of few minutes of pranking..

It took quite some time to form that friendship but just a few seconds to destroy it.. I regretted it. I regretted doing that prank..

Yea so that's the story.. A very good lesson to me because i like doing pranks.. I don't want it to go overboard like this guy over here.. Tell me if u want me to share with u the rest of the story. I didn't finish it because this post is too long already..

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I think i can understand how Nur felt that time...
    U'r evil!
    Suhaib said...
    so i'm evil??? haha. u meant to say that the guy in the story is evil right?
    sakinahshokri said...
    yeah, i can feel it too -.-'
    Nazmi Hamzah said...
    ko sangat sial lahhh.. takut aku punya akaun fb,ym or anything terlekat kat laptop ko.. haaaiisshhh..
    Suhaib said...
    haiyoo ni bukan cerita psl aku lah.. cerita psl org laen..
    Anonymous said...
    cite sal orang laen ke...
    sape laa yang kejam sesangat tuh.

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