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Awkward Moments

Everyone experiences this. I just wanna share my recent awkward moment experience with u guys.

I was at a kedai mamak at Bukit Antarabangsa to buy some roti canai for breakfast for guests at home. As i went in there i saw that the roti canai cook is at the back. So i went to the back and an indonesian waiter asked me what do i want to order and i said 10 roti canai. Then i sat down on the chair near there. Then i immediately saw her packing some roti canai. I assumed it was for me. Then when she was finished packing and everything she went to the front of the shop in the direction of the cashier. I guess that she wanted to tell the cashier that she packed 10 roti canai because if she give me on the spot where i waited, then i might lie to the cashier of how many roti canai did i buy when i wanna pay later (which i won't do).

So i trailed her closely from the back and she was looking back at me with a weird look. I just ignored her. Then when she almost arrived at the cashier counter, she immediately turned right and gave the roti canai pack to someone else who was waiting!! I was so embarassed that i IMMEDIATELY turned and walked to the cashier counter and bought a newspaper! Then i went back to the back of the shop and waited at the same place i was initially, face down, reading the paper.

I peeked a bit and saw the indonesian lady packing some more roti canai. Then she gave the pack to me and i smiled and said thanks and paid at the counter.

I won't forget this ordeal...

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