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Working at a Café

Assalamu'alaikum readers.

It's Friday, Friday! I just wanna tell you guys that now i'm currently working at a cafe at my school. It's a brand new cafe. All of the equipments there are new and me and mujahid were in charged to handle the cafe. We started opening the cafe last monday and the last operating day before the 2 weeks school holiday was yesterday. We have only worked for 4 days but it it was so tiring!

Seriously! The operating hours were supposed to be from 8.00am ~ 5.00pm. But sometimes we go home at 6.30pm because there were a lot of customers and a lot of cleaning need to be done before we can close the shop. But it's ok i guess. We are being paid per hour :D

So about the cafe, it's only a small cafe beside Adni. Not really noticeable honestly. So far we only sell potato springs, kebabs, waffles and cold drinks (iced lemon tea, blackcurrant, mango and milo). I know there's not much products yet but let me tell u something. A lot of ingredients are needed to prepare all of this stuff. This week was kinda just a probation week for the cafe since it just opened. We want to see what can we improve on and what do the students like etc. So basically we were a little bit unprepared and we didn't know what to expect during this week.

So because of that, we didn't expect that many customers! A lot of our ingredients finish so fast! Example, for the waffle mix, I think we used like 5 big packets of waffle mix everyday! That can make around 100 waffles! The big kebab beef also finished during the third day of the week. So we didn't make any kebab yesterday. we also ran out of the potato spring flour (to make the batter for dipping before frying) yesterday. Small items like plastic bags and paper bags were also finished quickly. In this week, a person (either me or abang jabar, an adni alumni) has to go out to buy items at least once a day during operation hours, and i think that's not very efficient.

Well, our cafe is just a recently opened cafe. Not much can be expected from it. There are a number of flaws in the beginning but insyaAllah it will be better with time. I also have learnt a lot by just one having one week of work. For example, handling the kebab machine! I always wanted to know what it feels like to be the person cutting the meat! I thought it's so cool but actually it's so hot! (pun intended) My face and hands were burning from the heat exerted from the machine when i'm trying to cut the meat! I didn't have a chance to take any pics of the cafe because i was so busy during work, sorry! Maybe next time ya!

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