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Second post

Salam. Yes i can't think of a title for my posts yet.

Just got back from tutoring 2 of my juniors. I'm teaching them accounting and physics respectively. They're doing fine i guess. Hopefully they're able to understand they way i teach.

Going back to my campus at Nilai tonight. Aliyah is going to fetch me. This is the first time experience whereby a girl is fetching me and drive us to our campus. Usually guys do that.. Right? She's also gonna fetch one of her friends before going to Nilai. Thank God it's not only the two of us or not i'm sure it'll be an awkward 50-60mins trip o_O

Ok right now i'm just sitting on my laptop playing some LAN games with my bros. Should start packing soon.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    refresh refresh refresh, nothing new?
    Anonymous said...
    hi all

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