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Sir Suhaib

At Statistics class today, I became a temporary lecturer :D

The class begins with me giving a tazkirah. Every beginning of this class, a student has to go up front and give a tazkirah. Today wasn't supposed to be my turn but since the person who has to give the tazkirah was absent, so i have to give the tazkirah since im next on the list. I gave a short tazkirah about giving advice to friends.

Then, madam returned back our quiz paper. Alhamdulillah i got 20/20 again for the 2nd time in a row. The quiz was about the chapter Poisson and Normal Probability Distribution. Madam was so happy with my result that she spontaneously asked me to become the lecturer to discuss about the quiz to the whole class! Usually after every quiz she will be the one who will go through and discuss each of the questions to the whole class.

So i stood up and grabbed the marker and start writing on the board the soultions for question 1, 2, 3 etc.. As i explained through each solution, I asked my classmates if they understand what i'm doing. Some nodded, some kept silent, none said yes. Madam interrupted at some of the questions to ask my classmates if they really understand what i'm doing or not. Maybe i was going too fast? So i moved on until the end of the quiz.

Well that's a new experience for me. I usually tutor 1 or 2 students a time only. I also did tutoring 3 students at once but i think that already is too much to handle for me. I guess i'm not good at teaching a group of people.

Anyway I enjoyed being a lecturer for a half an hour :)

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  1. Aen said...
    ahaha.. u kinda fast actually.. btw.. congrats dude.. u mmg genius kot.. asik dpt full mark je.. jles i.. ahahah.. :)
    Suhaib said...
    thank u.. its not that i'm so smart.. its just that i stay with problems longer.. hahah..

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