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Awkward Moments 2

Just entered semester 2 and i have encountered another awkward moment..

I had Maths and Computer in the morning. Maths first. I went to class like normal then i got along with a new classmate named Nizam. He's a normal guy. Quiet though. Then when class finished i asked him what class he's having next. He said computer. And i asked him what group is he in. And he said 918. That's the same group as i'm in! So we went downstairs to the computer lab together.

He said that the class was at lab 2, but i'm pretty sure that it was at lab 1 because i copied the timetable directly from the notice board. But he insisted and told me that the first computer class last week was at lab 2. I didn't attend the first class because of some reasons so i listened to him and we went inside lab 2. The class already started. We took off our shoes and trying to find a seat in the lab. There were quite a number of girls and i saw only one guy.

As i about to sit down next to that guy, Nizam pulled me and said, "Kita salah kelas ah beb". My Eyes became rounder than ever like O_O and immediately wore my shoes back and left the lab. So i became a bit frustrated with Nizam for being SO confident. So we went to Lab 1 and saw a note in front of the door written something like this:

Class for 918 today has been postponed.
Madam Nazatulshima

"Yeahhhhh! No ISM today!" So Nizam and I walked back to our dorm. We also stopped by at one of the stalls for the Raudhah Festival and bought mee goreng for breakfast.

As i was eating the mee goreng at my dorm, i received a call, from Nizam. He told me that a friend of his told him that the computer class wasn't actually cancelled. It's at C3-14! Right Now! Once again my eyes became like O_O. I quickly swallow up all my food and wore back my shirt and rushed back to Block C.

It was a sunny day.. Walking back and forth from my dorm at level 3 and to the class at level 3 as well made me sweat like a pig. As i entered the class, i saw nizam and sat on an unoccupied chair in front of him. I was still out of breath from the stairs scaling as i sat down on the chair. The madam inside the class look at me peculiarly and immediately asked me, "Who are you?", "I'm Suhaib, *catching my breath* I was originally from *catching my breath* group 926 but have changed to this group *catching my breath* because my former group's timetable clashed with my accounting's", Phew. I'm glad that i'm able to make out that sentence even with short of breath. I can hear some girls laughing -.- "Oh ok then, please write your name on this paper". Then she continues her lecture to the whole class.

It was a list of all the students in this class. The list was already full so i just made my own row at the bottom of the list. Wrote down my matric no, name and program. Then i just sat back and looked around. There were a lot of sisters. Mostly unfamiliar. There were only 2 or 3 guys who i know personally. The rest i've never seen them before in my life. After that i looked again at the list to see if i can recognize some names. Bla bla bla no names that i know of BUT THEN at the top of the list its written:

Group Number: 921

921?? I'm supposed to be in ISM 2 class 918! Then i immediately turned back and asked Nizam what group are we in. He said 918. As i was just about to reply, Syahmie who was sitting beside Nizam said, "921 lah!". And then Nizam said, "Oh ha'ah 921". My eyes became like O_O again. And then Syahmie asked me, "Ko bukan amek ISM 2 ke?" And i said, "yea". And he said, "Ni class ISM 1 daa"

U guys will never understand what kind of situation i was in.. It cannot be written in words. Being in the class of the wrong course and the wrong group. I have already done ISM 1 in my previous sem!

Let me just tell u this. As soon as Syahmie told me that, i immediately cancelled out my name from the list by scribbling out a few lines on my name and raised my hand and told the madam, "Sorry madam, but i got the wrong class!" I actually mumbled more than that but i can't remember what i actually said because i just can't wait to get the hell out of that class! I can't remember what the madam replied but i think she said something like I may leave. I quickly grabbed my bag and rushed out of the class! As i leave i can hear the other students like laughing and giggling at me -.-

And yes that was my awkward moment in entering the second semester of my studies. Entering the wrong class twice in one day. Having walked back and forth from dorm to class under the hot sun twice in the same morning. So much for first computer class huh? And also getting to know a new friend, Nizam. He's a nice guy, always smiles and good at his academics but sometimes he's just blurr-ish. I'm not saying its bad at all but people like him just sometimes brings out the liveliness in ourselves and sometimes just made us laugh because of some foolish acts! Oh yea and he said sorry to me for this whole thing and i happily forgave him :)

*I think this is also kind of a karma because i teased my friend Mujahid when he got in the wrong FIM class. And maybe God punished me by putting me in TWO wrong classes -.- Ok I sure have learnt my lesson...

*This is just a joke. We muslims shouldn't believe in karma. Dont judge me thank you


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  1. Anonymous said...
    Very funny, Ib...
    Oops! Better not to laugh on it, or it'll come to me!
    Suhaib said...
    U got that right! U better don't laugh!! Hahahah.
    Adibah binti mohd radzi said...
    its an experience right....
    Suhaib said...
    yup it was quite an experience :D

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