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As Salam to all of my readers. Sorry for the loooonnggg hiatus. I've been soooo busy with assignments/projects/presentations/reports during the semester and i just finished my finals this morning! Oh and also my laptop charger wasn't functioning for a while so i can't use my laptop. Just bought a new charger with my dad last week.

So i want to share with all of u about my happiness i'm feeling right now :D. I have officially finished my Foundation studies at Nilai!! Finals went well Alhamdulillah. I'm quite determined that i can get A's or A-'s for all my courses inshaAllah.

Now i am indulging myself with 7 months of holiday. Its because starting this year, the government has extended the intake into the main campus, all the way to September! So i already made a BIG, when i say BIG, i meant HUMONGOUS plan on what i should be doing! I'm planning to make this announcement on the next post :P. For those who already know my plan, SHHHHH!!!

Hence, after the half-a-year holiday, I will enter the main IIUM campus at Gombak inshaAllah to pursue my studies in Economics and Management Sciences. I'm seriously so anxious about entering Gombak. Its like a life-long dream!! :D

Ok so its getting late. I wanna lie down on my bed for the first time in this 7 months holiday. Heheh :)

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