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Do you know the feeling of being rejected? It made you feel like as if you're incompetent, disqualify, incapable, ineligible, inexpert and basically, u feel bad. And it sucks.

Well actually the above is not the reason why i got rejected. Yes i'm serious. This is the conversation i had on the phone with the person at subway just now. (The conversation was in malay, I hard-translated this)

Lady: Good afternoon sir. May i speak with Shuib?

Me: Good afternoon. I'm sorry, who?

Lady: Shuuib? Shuhaib?

Me: Yes yes i'm Suhaib.

Lady: Ok Mr.Suhaib, I believe you have applied for a job at Subway?

*Then blah blah blah unimportant stuff. Normal expected dialogue. But then..*

Lady: So what are you currently doing?

Me: I'm actually on a holiday. Gonna start uni on September.

Lady: So you're currently pursuing your studies?

Me: Yup.

Lady: Ok thank you for your time. Bye.

Me: ......

They rejected me because they can't accept a worker who they know will stop working at some point of time. I believe it's reasonable.. It's not easy to replace workers just like that.. At least i know that i wasn't rejected because i was incompetent, disqualify, incapable, ineligible or inexpert..

Even if i WAS rejected because i was incompetent, disqualify, incapable, ineligible or inexpert. I shouldn't be disheartened and should just accept the fact. I'm not good enough. Just have to improve myself and never give up in finding another job. Maybe i didn't get this job because there is a better job for me out there. Allah knows best :)

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  1. hieda yusof said...
    kau dok rumah je lah suhaib.takpayahkerja
    Shafiq Azid said...
    Yesterday went to this retail shop:

    "Got part-time job?"
    "Yes, wait a sec."

    Then came the manager.

    "Wanna apply? Finished school already? Will be studying again?"

    Same case here. Argh.
    Suhaib said...
    hieda: ish aku laki lah.. camne nak sara keluarga kalau x keje?? heheheh.

    shafiq: yeah man i feel u :(
    faisalsapperi said...
    slalu diorg x nk part time nie..sbb diorg train ko,pastu ko kuar,bg diorg cm x brbaloi..tapi tmpt aku len lak..klu keje bole sgt,tpi bile diorg tau ko nk smbung blaja,diorg akn ckp..."ooo,,yeke?ermm,klu cmtu sshla,tapi xpela awk keje la"haha
    xpe2,ko cri keje len..byk lgi tu...bkn sbb x layak sbnrnye,sbb part time tu..xpe2..gudluck utk cri keje len.hehe
    hieda yusof said...
    Suhaib said...
    faisal: btol2.. diorg akan train kte jadi pekeje. pastu kte blah.. agak x bbaloi ah bagi diorang.. besnye kat perak!! xpe2 aku akan dpt keje lain insyaAllah. thx! :D

    hieda: apa dia?? :P
    hieda yusof said...
    Nothinglah.batuk sikit je tadi.haah
    Suhaib said...
    ooh ok.. makan strepsil noh :D
    faisalsapperi said...
    tpikn,perak x bg byk cm kt Kl gajinye.aku suggest ko cri luar skit.maybe ade..area selangor..
    Suhaib said...
    ok.. tp xnk jauh sgt.. aku kete pun xde skrg nih. so transportation susah sket..
    Nazmi Hamzah said...
    x payahhh la kejaa.
    jom deans cup lahhh.

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