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JPA PIDN 2011 Scholarship

Assalamu'alaikum readers!

If you've been reading my blog, maybe u'll know that i've been struggling to find a scholarship for my degree program during my holidays. And until now i'm already in university, and i still haven't gotten any scholarship yet. I last resorted my search for scholarship to the Jabatan Pengkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholarship. I totally rely on JPA. I told myself if i didn't get this scholarship, I'll give up searching for any.

A few days ago JPA has released the result of their annual Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (PIDN) Scholarship. I tried accessing the site on the date of release but i can't because of traffic overload. So the next day i tried again and after refreshing a couple of times, I was finally able to check my result. Here's a printscreen of it.

It was a success! I can't believe it. I was one of the few that got chosen for the scholarship. My hardwork has finally paid off. Although this scholarship is not as luxurious as the Khazanah Scholarship, I'm still very thankful for it because it reduces the burden off my parents to pay for my tuition fees and hostel fees at university. It also gives me a lot of pocket money for me to do my spending!

Some of my roommates and room neighbours were there to check their result as well, but sadly all of them didn't get it.. They were happy for me. And i have to treat them Tutti Frutti because i promised them earlier that I will treat them if i did win it. I was joking at that time actually but mehh.. A promise's a promise. A few of my other friends actually won the scholarship as well.

There are still few processes that i have to do before i'm able to receive the scholarship. Like, downloading the documents and get the signature of the necessary people and etc. I still haven't been able to do any of that because the website is still jammed!! I'm very frustrated with JPA's website. I hope that they can improve their services.

Overall I would like to thank:

  1. Allah - The Almighty God who has showered us with blessings
  2. My parents - for nurturing me and always giving me support and always push me to find a scholarship.
  3. JPA - for awarding me with the scholarship itself! JPA actually sponsored my sister as well while she was doing her degree in the UK.
  4. My friends - for always being there to support me as well! It's ok if u didn't get it now. U can study hard this year to establish a good CGPA and try again for PIDN next year. I'll be waiting for u guys!
 I'm proud to say that my search for scholarship has finally come to an end! :D

source: google

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  1. Shafiq Azid said...
    orang kaya baru, dah lah sebulan dapat elaun askar : D
    Suhaib said...
    hehe yeahh! dapat study + kumpul duit at the same time :D
    Anonymous said...
    hey wanna ask, normally bila permohonan dibuka? and how much is the allowance? may i noe? Thanks :D
    Suhaib Satriya said...
    tarikh permohonan dibuka bertukar2 setiap tahun. so saya pun x pasti. kene sentiasa check main website JPA ah.

    allowance tu depend on the course u're doing. me economics dapat around rm5200 per sem (short sem not included). other courses mungkin around this figure jugak lah kot.
    Anonymous said...
    bpe cgpa masa apply? msti tggi kan?

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