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Singapore Trip!

Assalamu'alaikum readers!

A few friends and I just got back from a vacation to Singapore! It was during inter-semester vacation between Semester 2 and Semester 3 of our study. Basically we all went to have a liitle fun at JB and then to Singapore to enjoy Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and walking at the streets of Singapore. The experience was AWESOME! Never had much fun with friends especially abroad. Not going to talk much on this post but there will be A LOT of photos and with captions :)

DAY 1 - JB

We boarded the KTM from KL Sentral to JB Sentral

Arrived at JB Sentral after around 5-6 hours

Had Nasi Briyani for lunch at a nearby cafe

At our friend's, Fareez's house, he is a JB native

Played bowling at Danga City Mall


The queue in the morning to board the bus from JB Sentral to Singapore.

My friends in the bus

The streets of Singapore. Picture taken from inside the bus.

And we're at USS. See the globe? :D

Our first stop is the Hollywood section.

Kung Fu Panda's Po mascot was there so I took a photo with him!

Big tree

The Shrek mini roller coaster ride. It was a good start for us to get our adrenalines rushing.

The Shrek 4D show. We had to wear 3D glasses and the seats where we were seating were moving as if
we're in the movie and all. It was great and really seems realistic!! 

Walking to the water park show

The setting

The actors. The story and the actions with the jetskis, guns, fire, explosions, actions and
fights were all so cool!

The most epic roller-coaster I have ever rode. The Battlestar Galactica roller-coaster.
There are 2 separate roller coasters, Human and Cylon, built at the same place. 2 different queues.

The red one (Human) is a normal roller-coaster with very intense drops and turns. The blue one (Cylon) I think is the more challenging one. The seats are suspended and there are a lot of drops, loops and twists! More fun for those adrenaline junkies like me!

The Transformers Zone!

A lot of ornaments even while queuing for the Transformers ride.

The Transformers Roller-Coaster was also one of the most memorable experience of all. We had to wear 3D glasses while in the ride.  We are so called placed inside an Autobot during the ride and it is as if we are participating in the war against Megatron himself! It all seems realistic with the 3D effects and all and words just can't elaborate how awesome, interactive and creative it is!

Lunch break at a corner. The food (and other merchandises as well) are heavily over-priced inside this theme park that we packed ourself some food from our hotel at JB.

New York Area! It's the Great National Library.

Back at Hollywood.

In the MRT going back to  Queen St. bus station.

Went to one of the kedai mamak nearby Queen St. to have a taste of the infamous Murtabak Singapore.

Here it is from the left, chicken, lamb and beef murtabak! They all tastes awesome in their own ways and Malaysian murtabaks really can't compete with these Singaporean murtabaks. Yup I'm Malaysian and I admit it.


In the bus from JB going to Queen St.

The first mall that we went to, Sim Lim Square. It is the so called Singapore's "Low Yat". A mall filled with IT gadgets and stuff.

Group photo in front of the mall.

More malls

There ARE thrash on the streets of Singapore! Haha

Who knew there was a mosque right in the middle of the city! They use the bottom lot of the building as a mosque. We prayed Zuhr here.

A very tall elevator at ION Orchard, an underground mall right beneath Orchard Road.

Tall buildings like this all over Singapore

We don't have these in Malaysia. A bicycle with a big "super bike" box at the back.

Marina Bay Sands building! The giant ship on top of the 3 buildings is called the Sky Park. We didn;t go there because the entrance fee is quite expensive for us and we didn't have time.

Sports cars like these all over Singapore

The Esplanade

The infamous Merlion with a rainbow image in the water! Caused by the sunlight being refracted through the water spewing out from Merlion.

Group photo at Merlion

In front of the entrance of the Esplanade

Inside the MRT to get a closer look of the Marina Bay Sands.

Inside the Marina Bay Sands Mall

There's a stream of river in the centre of the mall. Kinda reminds me of The Mines in  KL.

A cafe above the water

Outside the mall

Sitting on the floor outside the mall because we were so worn out from walking

What an exquisite way of spelling shop!

Because we visited so many places we went back to JB late. And this is the normal queue of people to get on the bus from Singapore to get back to JB at this peak time (6-7pm). Seriously it's long.

Later that night we had BBQ at one of our friend's house, Nasri also a JB native. He helped us quite a lot too during our stay here at JB.  Finally, later at 1am we boarded the KTM train back to KL Sentral. We had an awesome night sleep because we bought the coach with the bed :D

Well I guess that wraps up our JB and Singapore trip. An unforgettable experience with me and my friends. Hopefully this is not my only trip to Singapore. There's still more to explore there! Thanks for reading :)

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