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Semester break? Not quite.

Assalamu'alaikum readers.

So I've just finished my final examination papers for semester 1, 2012/2013 and I'm currently home.. for a short while. Usually there are holiday-breaks for students between every semester, sort of like a transition time between one semester to the other. And don't get this post wrong, my university do give semester holidays to the students, 3 weeks to be exact. It's just that I won't be experiencing much holiday because I have a lot of activities to be involved with during the holiday (actually just two).

So my final paper ended on last Monday (7th Jan) and on 8th I went back home to rest myself from all the stressful studies. I have to get back to UIA on the 13th because on 14th till 17th Jan I will be joining a program called Steadfast Enhancement Training (SET). It is an event organized by a club in UIA called student facilitator club (Steadfast) and I just joined the club this semester so I have to get involved with their events. I don't know much what SET is going to be all about but basically my guess is it's like a motivational camp. The participants will be all from the club members so I think this is a good time for me to get knowing and close to the club members because I'm still new in the society. Hopefully good memories will be in store for me! The camp will be held at Sungkai, Perak.

And on the 19th Jan till 9th Feb I will be having the ROTU annual camp. Yes 22 days of training. During the whole 3 years of ROTU course. there will be a total of 3 annual camps, each during the break between semester 1 and semester 2 of my academic year. So this will be the second annual camp for us intermediates (2nd year cadet officers). So yeah we will be having 3 weeks straight of training. The first 2 weeks of training will be held at Markas Palapes, University of Malaya. That's where we usually have most of our trainings at. The final week will be held in one of the reserve forests in Malaysia. Still not sure which forest/jungle this time. Last year while we're still juniors, we went to Sg. Tengi at Ulu Selangor. Part of the annual camp training during juniors is we learned about Counter Insurgency Warfare (CIW). We had to set up a base in the jungle and learn basic tactical movements and all that. What we're going to do this year as intermediates are we will be doing the advance phase of Conventional Warfare (CW). We have to move (literally walk) with our >10kg backpacks for more or less 20km. Yep. And not just that, that are few other things we have to do along the way like clearing bounds.

Ok enough of the military talk. Not like most of you are going to understand all the military terms anyway. So basically what I'm trying to say is I won't be having much free time this holiday.. as usual. For 3 years my semester holidays is going to be like this. Part of the sacrifice that cadets have to go through. But Insha Allah there will be a lot of hikmah and blessings from Allah for all of this that is happening. Being busy ain't that bad. Being idle is worse. I hate the fact that I admit to myself that I have nothing to do at certain times. A bit of time for yourself is ok but too much is not helpful. We have to get involved with people around us. So I guess that's the reason why I like to keep myself busy most of the times.

So yeah till 9 Feb is the ROTU annual camp and actually my second semester has already started by then. It begins on 4th Feb. So I have to burn the first week of the semester. Again, sacrifice. That's all I wanna say. Not much holiday. Till next time, thanks for reading readers.

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  1. Syafira Saufi said...
    OMG sounds exciting! Cant wait to join PALAPES XD

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