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Salam. Last night i had accounting class. Yea that was my only night class for the whole week. We and our lecturer agreed to make that class permanent because none of us wanted the class to be on friday morning because you know, friday almost everyone wants to go home ASAP.

Last night we had our first group assignment. My class has only 3 boys and 20+ girls so madam formed 5 groups out of us and all the boys got split into one of these groups! So in my group i was the only guy with 5 girls. It was awkward at first but then kinda got the hang of it. We just have to discuss and do a few questions in our workbook. I've already done those exercises but the girls haven't so we went through the exercises together and explained to those in our group who can't really grasp what we're talking about. I think this is a really good way of learning whereby we discussed and helped each other along they way :) Madam was observing us all the way. She evaluates us by seeing how much we're involved in the discussion and our answers.

Today i had Ism (computer) class, Arabic and Maths. Ism results came out. i got 15/20.. i know its not bad but i think i could've done better.. i didn't study for it.. i hate regrets.. Well there's more quizzes coming up. I'm gonna make sure i'm prepared for them :) We had Arabic today. Yay! Ustaz said he was sick yesterday thats why classes were cancelled. The class went on like usual. Discussed through a few exercises in our textbook.

Maths quiz results also came up! I got 15/15!! Well majority of us got full marks. The quiz was just a single page quiz. I love my Maths lecturer. She's so nice! I never seen a teacher who actually smiled all the way from the beginning to the end of the class!

After maths class, the sky got dark. Its like heavy rainstorm will fall down at any second at that time. I rushed towards my dorm and thankfully didn't event get a drop of rain on my shirt. When i climbed up the stairs then the rain started. Heaviest rain i've seen here at Nilai. I entered my room and i received a call from Nazmi saying that he wants me to pick him up from Block C using car. After a few seconds Mujahid called me and asked me the same thing. So i went back down and drove Aliyah's car to Block C and fetch them. I got a lil wet because i have to walk a little bit under the rain to get to the car. This is my first time experience driving in campus! Hahah. I LOVE DRIVING!

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