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Wednesday! The day which i have the 2nd least classes for the week. That is 2 classes which are Statistics and Accounting. We had a group discussion at Stats class just now. Thank God my group only consists of boys now :) We just went through and answer a few exercises. Quite simple because its really straightforward.

Nothing special on Accounting. We learned how to record transactions on journals, posting them to ledgers and doing the trial balance. Its a pain when u're trial balance does not balance! Detecting the error is harder than when u are doing the whole thing itself because u literally have to go through each transactions again one by one.. Oh and make sure u're 0s are not 6s ;) One single digit error will make u cry in the end.

Well i guess that's all. I'm still furious because my slipper (laces?) snapped. It was my FAVOURITE slippers! Yea.. it snapped while i was running around in the rain yesterday.. Looks like i have to get new slippers..

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