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Cute Fish Spa

Yesterday, some of the Peers club members and I went to Giant to do some shopping for our bazaar next week. We got there by Mujahid's car. I drive as usual..

When we arrived there, the girls do the most of the shopping, of course. We, four guys don't know what to do. Then Hairul suggested to try out the Cute Fish Spa. There's like a small pool filled with small fishes at the corner of the Giant main area. It is said that those fishes can cleanse our foot by eating the dead skins. Here's a picture of the banner.

I've seen this before at Carrefour, Wangsa Maju a long time ago, but never gave it a try yet. So yesterday i tried it for the very first time. Its RM 5 for 10 mins. I paid RM 10 for both me and Nazmi. He said he don't wanna try it unless i blanja him -.-

So i sat on one of the chairs there and gently lowered my foot into the pool. And OMG! A LOT OF FISH CAME TO MY FOOT AND BIT ME! It was so ticklish! I felt like giving up! It feels like there are thousands of tiny fingers poking u're foot at a rate of 50 pokes per second! I think i can also say that it feels like there is a small electric current flowing through u're foot. But it doesn't hurt. Not at all.

I don't know why but it seems like my foot attracts more fishes than Nazmi's! Is my foot that dirty?? Look at it.

Nazmi's foot

My foot

The fishes are everywhere at my foot, especially the toes, they even eat the areas between my toes! Thats the most ticklish part! Some even eat my betis' skin. After like 3 mins, I got used to the ticklish feeling. The feeling doesn't bother me anymore. So we continued until 10 mins.. I wanted to stay there longer! Because i don't know why its kinda fun! I thought that the attendant didn't realize the time but actually she did -.- She gave us a sheet of kitchen roll tissues.

This is a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it. I can see the effect on my foot. It became brighter and some of the dead skins were removed. I foot also feels more fresh! U guys should try it! :D

Here are some more pics of the guys who were there.

Hairul (Peers) and Mat Nor (Peers)

Me (ADC) and Hairul (Peers)

Nazmi (neither -.-) menyibuk jer gi Giant

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