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Its the fasting month everyone! And the first day has been stressful -.- Just when i thought i can be relieved just for one day after the Arabic Demo has finished..

I woke up at 5.06 am. Azhan woke me up. He's my school friend from Adni, taking Computer Science in PJ campus. He visited us yesterday here at Nilai and stayed for one night. Mujahid and I have to send him back to his campus right after sahur because he has morning class.. So i was planning to just have a drink from the water cooler for my sahur, but then one of my dormate offered me a piece a toast and honey and i happily accepted his offer! Thanks Faisal!

Then the three of us, Mujahid, Azhan and I went to mujahid's car and i drove it off to pj campus. I drove quite fast :D Reached PJ in less than half an hour. Parked at the campus's masjid parking area. And managed to join the solat subuh jamaah at the 2nd rakaat. Then I drove the car again back to PJ.. Mujahid slept on the way. Arrived at Nilai exactly at 7. My first class starts at 9 so i figured to take a short nap at dorm.. Mujahid contined sleeping in the car while i sleep at the dorm. He has class at 8.

Oh yeah here's some pics of us at the PJ campus masjid.

Mujahid and Annie

Annie and Me

After that, surprisingly i was woken up by mujahid. I looked up my phone and it says 9.04 am. And i was like HOLY?? Statistics class was at 9 and we're gonna have a quiz AND an assignment today! I didn't bother to take a bath. Grabbed a piece of shirt and as i was putting on my belt, i realized that the metal end of the belt (the thing that ties up the belt) was missing! And i was like HOLY????? So i just threw the belt on my bed and rushed through the study room, packed up my books in my bag. And zoomed downstairs.

As I was walking to the class's block, dengan seluar londeh -.-, I remembered that it was Wednesday. All boys are compulsory to wear a plain shirt with tie on every wednesday. I was wearing a checkered shirt with no tie and not tucked-in -.- I was closing in to the block i saw that a Pak Guard is in front of the gate watching closely to every student who walks past the gate to see if there is any problem with their uniform. And i told myself can today get any worse? So i approached the gate slowly and i don't know why the guard just let me through BUT THEN SUDDENLY, there is a Mak Guard in front of me. I was shocked like HOLY but then she just asked me to tuck my shirt in. So i tucked in my shirt and then climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor and Alhamdulillah the quiz hasn't started yet and madam didn't ask me any questions regarding my tardiness.

The class went on as usual. Then accounting at 11 am till noon. Went straight back to dorm and i took a bath, prayed and then slept all the way till 4.30pm. Btw i only slept like 3 hours last night thats why i felt so damn tired today. Oh yeah and driving is tiring -.- But Fun!

I had a meeting with the club at 5pm. We collaborated with PEERS club to organise a Bazaar Ramadhan that is gonna be held next week. We discussed about what food and drinks we are going to sell and such. We rented half a tent. Yes HALF a tent for the bazaar. There are still things i'm worrying about like, if we have enough time to ask from the members of our club to contribute at least RM 5 per person. Because its the only source of capital. The event is only a few days from now but we still have RM 0 capital! We're going to have another meeting tomorrow to discuss more about this.

The meeting ended at 6.30 pm. Me and Muqlis (VP of the club) walked back to our dorm. We went passed through a bazaar that people from outside has set up. The bazaar was congested by humans! My mood to spend and buy some food to break my fast suddenly disappears. There were so many people and students that i can barely see what the stalls are selling. So we just went back to our dorm. Then i invited to mujahid to just buy some nasi campur from the shops downstairs.

We went down, bought a pack of food and drink and went back up. We broke our fast with a couple of roomates together in a circle. Feels nice to eat together with roomates. Sharing dates and such. We don't do this everyday if its not for Ramadhan. We prayed Maghrib at dorm together and then at 8.30 we walked to the Masjid for Isya' and Tarawih prayer. They do 20 rakaats of Tarawih there. We just leave after 8. It doesn't take that long. The imam recites quite fast and the ayah is not that long. I'm fine with that :)

Went back at dorm and here i am. On the bed writing this blog. I still gotta study tonight for ISM quiz tomorrow -.- Oh well. Another 3 hour sleep tonight i guess.

Ok that's all for now. Hopefully all of us can benefit a lot from Ramadhan this year. Amin.

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