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Finals is Over!!

Alhamdulillah. My finals for Semester 1 Session 2010/2011 is finally over. Now students can finally relax and enjoy the inter-sem break.. I'm at home now and is thinking and planning what to do during this break.

I know i'll be going to some of my friends' open houses (yeah, the invitations just keep on coming), hanging out with friends, staying at home but what else? What else should i do in this one month break??

Sem 2 begins on the 25th Oct. I don't know whats the difference its gonna be like in sem 2. Besides the courses i'm taking of course. InsyaAllah if i pass all of my courses in sem 1, i'll be taking Maths 2, Accounting 2, Economics, Understanding Islam and ICT. That's 5 courses. 1 less than this sem. And that means less contact hours!! I'm hoping there would be less classes in the morning :D

Well, pray for me guys that my first sem results and CGPA will be outstanding. I hope that my pointer will at least be 3.7 :) Thinking about this Grade Point Average system really makes me anxious! Especially this is my first ever pointer that is gonna be rubbed on me!

I heard people say that pointers in the earlier sems are more important comparing to later sems. They say that GPAs for the later sems will only affect ur CGPA only a lil bit. I still don't understand it arithmetically though. Because it should just be the same whether u got that GPA in first or second sem :\ OK i doubt anyone who reads this paragraph understands what i'm talking about :X Its ok. I like mumbling to myself.

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  1. Mujahid said...
    bajeeet, ko 4.0 cukup beb... ;D
    Suhaib said...
    Amin... u too dood

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