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Selamat Hari Raya!

OK well i bought a new phone for RM90. Cheap colour-less Nokia 1202. I'm happy with my current phone :)

Actually i just got back from my kampung at Johor. Several places in Johor we went actually. Ayer Hitam, JB, Muar then lastly Batu Pahat. The trip was like the usual Hari Raya celebration we do every yeat. Nothing special going on this year except that my sis is not here. Shes celebrating at UK. And also some of my uncles and aunties can't make it to kampung with us because some of the relatives have gone ill. May Allah cure them.

Now i'm just at home for one week. Then theres the final semester exam. Haven't revised on anything yet -.- Still in the raya mood sadly. Then after exam for a week then i'm gonna have 3 more weeks of inter-semester holiday! Weee!

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  1. Suhaib said...
    selamat hari raya!

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