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A Prank to My Dormmates

I have a very bad habit. I love doing pranks to my friends. I just love to see the reaction on their faces when they found out it was just a prank! So yeah u can say that my favourite TV shows are Punk'd and Wakenabeb. And i also love Hitz.fms Gotcha Call! Feel sorry for those who got prank-ed... NOT! Hahah. They got them everytime!

I rememeber this prank i did to my dormmates. Quite recent actually. We heard rumors that that night the fellow (dorm warden) is going to come and do a spot-check. As usual a boys dorm is not always a source of coolness to the eyes. Its a mess. It was like 8 something pm and we still haven't clean our dorm much. Everyone was just lying around in front of their laptops, reading, studying and basically just doing their own work..

So my prank desires suddenly engulfed me.. This is the perfect opportunity for me to land a big prank on them. I walked out of the dorm and a few seconds later i came back with an ugly face and screaming, "Weh fellow datang!! Fellow datang weh!!" they all were stunned and looked at me to see if there is a slight of smile in my face because they know i'm quite a prankster.. But then my face was quite convincing and screamed again, "Serious fellow datang weh aku nampak dia kat luar tadi!" So they all suddenly jumped out of the their mattress, those with their laptops immediately closed their laptops, those who were reading their books immediately closed their books and haphazardly running around the dorm grabbing and hiding their stuff.

I cannot tahan anymore.. I suddenly laughed out so LOUD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! And then they looked at me with obfuscation.. only to realize that it was all a prank.. Some of them were relieved that the fellow really isn't coming but some of them want to take it on me! I remembered my dormate Acap hit me with a pillow! Aww he was concentrating on his drama script at that time and i suddenly have to land a prank on him. Sorry guys xD

P/s: The fellow really did came later that night.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    i wanna gotcha back!

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