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Suhaib's Body!

Salam and hello to my fellow loyal readers! In this post i just want to share to u a video entitled "Suhaib's Body". Its a video my highschool friends made while we were still schooling back in the days... (padahal baru setahun) Anyways its a very funny video and eventhough the title of the video has my name on it but i actually appear only for a few seconds in a scene. Yup there arose a few discrepancies about the title of the video.

I think it was also the time where my friends were anticipating the release of Jennifer's Body starring Megan Foxx. So they were too excited and became psycho and decided to make a video about it. The two main actors are my friends Azhan and Syed Mat.

Enjoy the 2 minute video!

Oh and credits to be given to my friend Asyraf Syahir for inspiring me to publish a highschool video to my blog. (He did it first, so yeah)

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  1. Ap said...
    ada nma aku yeah!
    but aku stil xfham why 'suhaib's
    kaw just senyum ja kot lam 2 n u appeared like 2 or 3 secs
    Suhaib said...
    hahah. nama dia suhaib's body sbb first2 patutnye diorang nak aku taw jadi main actor yg pembunuh semua tuh.. tp aku xnk berlakon! malas! dah ah tgh exams kot. so dlm video nampak ah aku khusyuk tgh study heheh..

    so they found a new actor but decided to keep the name of the video..
    Anonymous said...
    awat anak mami tu jerit cam chombee...
    Suhaib said...
    hahah first time berlakon masok movie.. camtu lah jadi nye..

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