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I'm an IIUM Student!

Salam guys. This special post will be for the BPM Sahabat Blogger: Pelajar Universiti Awam. Here's the link to the entry

I am the guy with the eyes closed -.-

I'm studying at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) or in malay, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM). Currently at my second semester foundation year at Nilai campus doing Economics and Management Sciences. InsyaAllah i will start doing my first year degree in September 2011 at Gombak campus. I'm still not sure when am i going to finish studying at IIUM but i'm guessing its 4-5 years from now..

The most memorable experience i have while studying here was a really embarassing experience.. I already wrote a post about it here..

The picture above is during my Maths class at first sem. I think this is the only picture I have with my classmatea. Actually i took this one from my classmate's fb photos. keh3. This semester i am really unfortunate because  i have different classmates for each course.. Not like last sem.. So i'm not as close to my classmates during this sem comparing to my classmates during my first sem. Yup there are only 2 guys in our class. Actually there's 3 but the other one was absent. Yeah.. even this sem there's only like 2-5 guys in all of my classes and with 20+ girls.. I'm getting used to it :P

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  1. Anonymous said...
    lawa rambut
    Suhaib said...
    thank u! :D
    Rozuan Ismail said...
    salam perkenalan..saya rozuan student UKM..jom singgah blog saya..
    mySheiRa said...
    salam kenal dr sy stdnt utm skudai :)
    Admiral Hafiz said...
    Datang melawat pelajar UIA
    Salam Singgah daripada pelajar UTP

    Admiral Hafiz Official Website: Admiral'z Legacy
    Suhaib said...
    salam semua :) terima kasih kerana melawati blog saya :)

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