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Assalamua'alaikum readers.

Last week has been my most productive week during my 7 months holiday so far. I volunteered to help at a booth at the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair, PWTC. The book fair just ended yesterday by the way. I also helped with Adni's english camp for Thai kids. More on that in this post. I also attended a talk by Dr. Azzam Tamimi. Being a palestinian himself, he's a person with great views when it comes to the current issues at Palestine and the Middle East. I also helped at the Freedom for Palestine Concert last night at Pusat Islam near Masjid Negara. I was selling the tickets :D

Muhsin and I with Dr. Azzam Tamimi

I don't feel like writing long. Just this morning i wake up feeling a bit obnoxious. I fell ill. Even now i'm still having a light headache. Maybe all the tiring work during the week has accumulated up and gave me this fever. Standing in front of the booth for 6 hours giving out flyers, helping people with t-shirt sizes, promoting concert tickets is tiring. Nevertheless, it has been a great week. I'm proud of myself that I endured myself throughout the pain because I learnt a lot. And i met and took pictures with some local artists! See for yourself :P
Me and my friends at the booth with Habiburrahman El Shirazy. My favourite novelist.
The second person from the left is Muadz Dzulkefly. A nasyid singer famous for the song "Stand Up" (Holier!! xD)
My friends and I  with Wardina and her daughter. She's a famous TV celebrity. She was also the hostess during the concert. I'm still angry at Muhsin because he took this picture and it's so blurry!! I wonder when can i have a chance to meet her again.. Hey wait her daughter is schooling at Adni xD

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  1. ♥NuR SyAFiQah♥ said...
    waa bestnye dpt jumpe ngan wardina..walopon blur tp die still cantik ;)
    Suhaib said...
    btol2! lawa gler.. nk tangkap gambar ngan dia lagi!! :P

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