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Assalamu'alaikum readers.

It's finally the end of my 6.5 months long holiday. I have to admit my holidays could have been filled with a lot better productive plans or projects. The first half of the holidays was a complete void for me. I did absolutely nothing productive. Literally stayed at home, eat and sleep. The second half was a bit better. Did some voluntary work, worked at my school's cafe, have a lot of time to do ibadah during ramadhan, and helped my mum a lot with house chores when my maid is on holiday.

I just got back from my kampung (village) actually with my family to celebrate Eid. My kampung is at various places at Johor. Mostly at Batu Pahat and Muar. Visited many relatives from both my mum and dad's side. I had a good time.

We played a lot of fireworks on the first night.
This is a picture of the fireworks i took. Edited by my sis.

Now my holidays are over. In a few days, I will start living at campus again with my friends. Honestly, I missed my friends especially my dormmates when i was in Nilai. All the fun we had together were just priceless. I'm gonna meet some of them in a few days but for the rest, it's gonna be much later. About studies.. Meh.. I didn't open any of my textbooks during the holiday. People say that the first semester is basically gonna be the recap of the syllabus we already learned anyway. So yeah i'm gonna rely on that.

I guess that's it. Not much to blog about. Maybe after i got inside uni, i'll start blogging more as usual. Oh and since we're still in the Eid mood, I would like to ask for forgiveness from everyone. Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

My mum and siblings during Eid. I look extremely weird.

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