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Ta'aruf Week 2011/2012

Assalamu'alaikum readers.

I just got back home from an exhausting week. This whole week I was at IIUM's Ta'aruf week (orientation week). All first year students have to attend this program. Basically most of the events in the program are briefings from every departments/divisions university. Some of them are briefings from the Students Development Division, Co-curricular Activities Center, Center of Social Responsibility and Sports and Recreational Center. The briefings tell us things that we must, should, may, may not, encouraged to do while we're studying in the university.

Some briefings are very informative, but some are just plain boring. The boring ones may be because of several reasons such as unenthusiastic speaker or uninteresting topic. At the night of the fifth and the final day of ta'aruf week is the IIUM Cultural Night. It is a 2-hour event full with performances from the Cultural Club. Their performances blew me away. Seriously they were so good! With all the modern and traditional music instruments combined together, music co-ordination, they were really phenomenal. They made me interested in joining the club.

I thought that the Ta'aruf week were very tiring and boring in the beginning, but in the end, it's all worthwhile. Most of the tiredness comes from walking from the mahallah (hostel) back to the mosque and to the main hall  in between the briefings. I've been to IIUM Gombak many times before but i never realized that it is THAT big when i actually reside in it.

So yeah inshaAllah i will be posting more about my life in Gombak soon. Thanks for reading.

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