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DotA 2 Tournament

For your information, I’m a DotA gamer. I love playing DotA. So last Saturday my friends and I participated in a DotA 2 tournament at Orange cybercafe, Wangsa Maju. The registration was free. The picture below is a picture of my team taken before the match begins. One person is missing from the picture below and that is Syahmie. He came a little late.

There were 31 other teams. So the first team we were up against was the Orange Team. The team that represents the cybercafe. That was the last team on the list that we would not want to fight against, moreover for our first match. Tough luck I guess. So what else do u guys expect? We got beaten so badly on our first game.  It was a single elimination tournament, so there was no second game for us. We’re out of the tournament.

But it’s ok. We already knew what was coming at us. It was the first ever DotA 2 tournament that we have ever participated in. Our skills are not even comparable with other players.  We lack training and synergy between ourselves. We didn’t have time for training because of studies and all. The point is, we had fun and experienced a match against a pro team in a league :)

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