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Transportation Dilemma

Salam readers. Transportation always has been a problem to students. Most of the times during this holiday i stayed at home. Whenever i go out one of my friends always fetch me because i don't have my own means of transportation. I have a driving license but the problem is i don't have a car. There's only one car at home and that's my mum's and she goes to work everyday using that car. I kinda feel bad because my friends have to drive all the way down MRR2, up the holey hills of Ukay Perdana and pass the (sometimes fussy) residential guards just to arrive at my home. My friends always say, "Oh its no problem dude" but i know its still a troublesome work for them.

So i decided that i wanna do something about it. I stopped asking my dad to buy me my own car. Because i know what's his response gonna be like. But the other day, he said he would buy me a motorbike. Just a standard 150CC i guess.  Motorbikes prices are incomparable to cars. They're much cheaper. But i myself don't really like motorbikes.. It's dangerous :O Actually, I don't know what's the deal with me against motorbikes.. I just, never thought of seeing myself riding a motorbike in my life.

I thought deeply of my dad's suggestion, and i agreed. Motorbikes can still get me to places i wanna go. And it will reduce the burden of my friends every time we're going out. And also if i get a part-time job anywhere someday inshaAllah, the bike will help a lot! So tomorrow i'm gonna to go to the driving school (my mum is going to drive me there) to register myself to get the license. The fee is fairly cheaper though because i already have a car license! Yay.

I'm not that enthusiastic because i still wanna have my own car :( But i guess i should just be thankful. Bak kata orang melayu, "dah bagi betis nak paha". If we received something we should just be thankful for it and not ask for more.. Ok. The end :D

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I can imagine how your hair would be like when you're riding your bike without helmet on...
    Suhaib said...
    rly? how?
    Anonymous said...
    it used to be lalang ditiup angen but now i think just short grasses, as in the meadows..?
    ahmadfaisalsapperi said...
    rempit la ko pasnie..haha
    sbnrnye best gak bwk moto,bahaye tu citer kedue la sbb ko nek kete dlu..kalau ikut time aku form 4 dlu,best bwk moto..trutame mse jalan2 mse raye.hehe.150cc?bapak la ko,nek yg sdp gak..suh bapak ko bli RXz trus la,cc die sme jer..sure ko nampak cooler,haha..ok2.gudluck untuk dapat lesen.

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